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Maxell DVD+/-R 4x

Discussion in 'PS2' started by t0nyj0nes, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. t0nyj0nes

    t0nyj0nes Guest

    I've been using Maxell DVD+R 4x for the past month or so burning my backup dvd movies. So far, I've burnt 15 or more movies with a 100% success rate. I'm yet to burn I coaster with one. I've used Alcohol 120%, Nero and DVD Decrypter to burn.

    I'm planning on purchasing a DMS4 EZI Pro this week, and I was wondering if I should use Maxell DVD+R for my backup games, or DVD-R.

    I've heard that -R are better for games, but right now +R 4x is my choice for movies.


  2. bzboarder

    bzboarder Guest

    -R do seem to work better for most people, but try your +Rs ... if they work well, then great, stick with it. stick a +R movie in your PS2 to see if it can read +Rs in the first palce. if so, try backing up a game, its worth a shot.

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