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MaxLander Will Support Skylanders Superchargers and Remove 99 times Limit

Discussion in 'PS3' started by axcbb, Sep 7, 2015.

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    May 19, 2010
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    If you play Skylanders on PS3/PS4, it is a really good news for you.

    Got the news from one of the Maxlander official reseller: Maxlander.net
    MaxLander will remove 99 times limit in the next software update.
    Before, the Maxlander token has 99 times limited, if you use out 99 times write,
    then you have to buy new tokens.
    Another great news from Maxlander, they released a video to show Maxlander can backup and restore Skylanders Superchargers Vehicle,
    the following is the video:

    More Maxlander features:

    1. Supports all the characters, tools and magic items of Spyro’s Adventure, GIANTS , Swap Force, TRAP TEAM,Skylanders Superchargers
    2. Backup your figure to avoid any damage.
    3. Share special figures and tools with friends.
    4. Download and play un-limit characters
    5. Find out the latest and unique characters easily.
    6. Get the special magic items.

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