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Question maxtor harddrive error

Discussion in 'PC hardware help' started by iosman, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. iosman

    iosman Newbie

    Jul 22, 2019
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    i tried to install a secondhand hardrive i bought from ebay but unfortunately cannot get it to work.

    i have a 40gb drive installed already and tried to install a maxtor diamondmax hard drive as the slave on the same ide channel.

    i set the bios to auto detect but first of all would not recognise it, then when windows booted it came back with the "secondary harddrive error". i tried both the slave and cable select jumper settings but the diagram on the hdd is a bit confusing.

    maxblast 4 would not recognise it, but im not sure i was using the right on as when i booted from the floppy it said "maxblast has detected a version of windows - due u wish to continue anyway.

    i am not 100% certain that the drive works as the seller has a few bad comments for selling broken stuff but it was cheap and i dont want to throw it untill im certain its kaput.

    when xp was detecting it on startup and giving this error it seemed to freeze for about a minute and then not load up xp at all, just loop


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  2. scorpNZ

    scorpNZ Active member

    Mar 23, 2005
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    The last part of your post sounds like a buggered hdd. Place it in a known good usb housing & use seagate seatools on it. If however you can't get the drive to be read by computer management or computer freezes,then the drive is stuffed. Maxtor are not known for good drives, they were the worst in the last poll i saw a few years ago. I'd agree as i have two of them & they play up all the time when in a comp with xp. However now in external housings they seem fine wtf. Can't trust them tho so i don't use them for anything i can't afford to lose (maxtor were taken over by seagate)

    looking from the rear of drive & starting from pin closest to ide pins
    master ---- cable select ------ cap limit ---- (slave is no jumper pin)

    you can web search the drive & instead of using web page for links go to images option & you can see them there (i use duck duck go & the options are directly below the search box)

    edit: it should work as slave without the need for pin whether you have master hdd set with pins to master or cs (cable select) unless your master hdd requires anything special, which will be written on it or should be

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