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Media Advice Please...

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by NB., Oct 29, 2004.

  1. NB.

    NB. Guest

    I'm going to buy quite a few DVD's soon to use for backup (mostly data, but maybe a few movies etc.. too)and ive got a few questions that hopefully someone can help me out with.

    1) Which would be better for my purposes, DVD-R or DVD+R?

    2) Are there any guidelines as to which disks have the longest shelf life?

    3) Which of the following would people recomend:

    Taiyo Yuden (4x) Printable DVD+R in Heavy Duty Spindle Tubs of 100 Manufacturer ID: YUDEN000T01

    Ritek G05 "Full-Face Printable" A Grade (8x) DVD-R Disc in Packs of 50

    Ridisc (8x) white printable DVD-R in Spindle Tubs of 25

    ANV Ritek A-Grade (8x) DVD-R in Packs of 25 ADVDINFO: RITEK G05

    Ritek A-Grade (4x) DVD-R Disc in packs of 25

    Rivision Overprint (4x) DVD-R Disc in Packs of 50

    Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full Face Printable DVD-R in Heavy Duty Spindle Tubs of 100 Manufacturer ID: TYG02

    Pack of 5 Verbatim (4x) Pastel Coloured DVD-R (With excellent Taiyo Yuden dye) in Slimline Jewel Cases
    ADVDINFO: .TYG..01.

    4) Could someone give a rough order of qualty between Ritek G03, G04 + G05 and Taiyo Yuden disks? Are the TY's generally accepted as being better than all the Ritek dye's? And also is there be any variation in quality between the different brands of disk using the same dye, or would all disks using G05 for example, be pretty much identical?

    Sorry for all the questions (as you can probably tell i'm new to DVD writing lol), but i'm going to be buying around 250-300 disks so i would ideally like to get the best i can, money isnt really an issue, and i'm not bothered if i have to spend more buying packs of 25 to make up the the numbers just as long as i'm getting good disks. I am using a Lite On SOHW 832S drive, if that's of any relevance to what media will suit me best.

    TIA for your help, NB.

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  2. illusions

    illusions Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    everything depends on a number of things.
    it depends on your dvd burner.it depends on your
    dvd player. it depends on your dvd burning
    software.does your dvd burner support dvd-r and or
    dvd+r disk.does your dvd player support the dvd-r
    and or the dvd+r.some do,some dont.most dvd players
    out there today support the dvd-r disk.some dvd
    players are picky as to the quality of the blank
    dvd's.what speed is your dvd burner.i use the fujifilm
    8x dvd-r and the dvd+r disk.they play great on my
    sony dvd player model ns575p.i also use sony blank
    dvd-r and dvd+r with no problems.every brand of
    dvd disks that you named are all good brands.but
    like i said,it depends on a number of things.the
    best bet i think would be the dvd-r disk.

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