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Media Mythbuster

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Ludikhris, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Ludikhris

    Ludikhris Guest

    Ok so i have set out to try and detroy a myth here and there about backups and such. Today I want to address burn speeds and theyre affect on burn quality. Here is what I have found out.
    1) Burn speed on the disc does not mean that disc is a higher qulaity that the same manufacturers lower speed discs, they are just different.
    2) Just because it is listed as one speed doesnt mean you cant burn faster on it.
    3) The Maz speed on a disc is the speed that most burners will burn great quality discs at on average.

    When it all boils down to it, as long as you are burning good media you should be able to burn at maximum speed as long as your burner is not some kind of generic or no name brand.

    In fact a lot of people i have heard talking said they burn all their Ritek Media full speed because it is better to be burned at faster speeds. What i have found is for the most part they are right. With my Pioneer A06 i burn G04s at 4X and my PS2 reads them WAYYY better than if I burn at 1X. The old wives tale that media is always better burned at half speed is defeated, in most cases.

    The moral is, check with your burner manufacturer. They will tell you what speed to burn what discs at, and always use high compatible discs for your burner and appliance that you will play it on.

  2. Jeff11103

    Jeff11103 Member

    Dec 14, 2004
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    Very interesting. I have a Pioneer 104. I always burn backups for PS2 a 1x using DVD Decrypter because that's what everyone suggests. My backups come out great but it takes 45-55 minutes per burn.

    So are you saying that I can burn at higher speeds and make better backups? If so that's great.

    Does anyone else have the same burner as me, and if so how fast are you burning?
  3. Gazcoigne

    Gazcoigne Regular member

    Mar 27, 2003
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    the man has a point.

    put sh*t in get sh*t out
  4. Ludikhris

    Ludikhris Guest

    That has been the trend I have noticed. You should always check with the manufacturer of your drive to see what media speed to burn at. From what I have found though, ritek media itself is known to burn better at it max speed rather than a slower speed. In the case of your A04 Im not sure... look it up and try a few discs.

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