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media problems? nero unspecified target error

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by steve225, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. steve225

    steve225 Guest

    Okay, I just got into this and in the beginning I was just using those memorex disc that you get from walmart with my hp 200i with no problems. well when I got tired of paying three dollars a disk I ordered these prodisc off some website and now I keep getting unspecified target error with 1% when I use them. If I pop in one of the memorex, it works, these new ones don't. The website where I got them listed my drive as compatible with this. What I want to know is, could I be doing something wrong. I have tried about twenty of the disc in this 50 pack, it doesn't mess them up nothing at all gets written on them. Is it possible that I got this many dvds and they are all bad? I just want some sort of justification for blasting this website.
  2. FSU33

    FSU33 Guest

    Not to insult your intelligence but have you made sure that the DVD's are the same medium as your DVD burner (i.e. If your burner is a DVD+R then make sure you have DVD+R Discs).
    If that isn't the problem then I am pretty sure it's becuase you bought the cheap discs. A lesson that everyone has learned over time is not to buy the crap discs. Even if you could burn it, it probably wouldn't work in the DVD player anyway.
    On a side note, if you go to SAMS you can buy good DVD's for about $1.75 a piece.
  3. steve225

    steve225 Guest

    No, I am not insulted , but I did get the right disk(DVD+r), and nero recognizes them as such. Is this definitely a disk issue, or does anyone else have any ideas?

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