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Media scam - be warned

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by Risko, Feb 25, 2005.

  1. Risko

    Risko Guest

    Ridisc Xtreme - this media is surplus 'B' & 'C' grade stock bought from Ritek and is about to be introduced to the UK as 'AAA' grade discs...it aint. Even the company 'Ridisc' is bogus. Visit the website www.ridisc.com. Try and find a phone number or address of the company....you won't. The information on the site is totally fictitious, there is even a 'staged' interview with the MD..LOL. This is another scam to rip people off. As soon as this low grade media has been sold off this 'company' will dissappear and another will reappear in its place.
  2. sadsac

    sadsac Guest

    That's a pretty funny website. Where are all the phone numbers and addresses for the company???

    I laughed when the marketing manager said, "It is widely accepted that CMC utilises the most advanced production lines for media in the World and continues to innovate with state of the art Research and Development (R&D) at their Taiwanese headquarters. This is backed up by the fact that all the top brands trust CMC to develop and manufacture for them. Verbatim, TDK, FUJI, Memorex, all hold OEM manufacturing contracts with CMC."

    Someone should put a link to this forum on there so that nobody is misinformed about CMC media!!!
  3. Doom1234

    Doom1234 Guest

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  4. sadsac

    sadsac Guest

    Well said!

    I'm sure they'll be glad to answer any questions they get at their "address".

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