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Memorex = Ritek??

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by Divinus, Dec 16, 2004.

  1. Divinus

    Divinus Guest

    My mom picked up some cheap Memorex DVD+R 8X from Wal-mart not to long ago. I had intended on taking them back but one of my sister's decided to be nosey and open them all.

    Anyway, I just put one in and ran disc identifier and it came up with this...

    Manufacturer name is Ritek Corp
    ID is Ritek
    Media type is R03
    Revision is 002

    I'm not sure if these are any good as the Ritek I see most people on here talking about have G04 and 05-ish media types.

    Then again I've also read a lot of posts that say the product codes are often faked. This one is probably faked then?
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  2. tomripley

    tomripley Member

    Dec 7, 2004
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    Ritek uses RITEKG0X for DVD-R media and RITEKR0X for DVD+R, if I recall correctly.

    No, Memorex doesn't sell fakes, they're too big for that. While it may possible for some unknown brand to get away with faking codes, Memorex would probably be slapped with a lawsuit faster than the blink of an eye.

    This is in all likelyhood made by Ritek, though that doesn't necessarily mean it is of the same quality as that sold by their own brands (different levels of quality assurance may be used, etc).

    I know that some drive makers have lowered the burning speed of RITEKR03 from 8x to 4x in their recent firmware revisions, which would seem to indicate some sort of quality problem with Ritek media with this code.
  3. Divinus

    Divinus Guest

    Oh ok, thanks Tom. Wow, you really know your stuff, lol.

    I suppose I won't take a chance with these then and just try and set them to burn at 4x just in case the burner tries to burn at 8x. That should help me avoid any problems.

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