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memory sticks

Discussion in 'Sony Handhelds' started by Glitchbob, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Glitchbob

    Glitchbob Guest

    anyone know anything about memory sticks. i have a 4gb and a 1gb my one gb runs everythin i put on it. like ps1 games from the playstation store and ps1 games from my comp and psp iso's. however my 4gb only runs one psp iso and no ps1 games. when i try to move ps1 games from the playstation store to it the store says it is locked and unable to transfer any ideas.
  2. Tinky

    Tinky Member

    Nov 12, 2002
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    I've come against the very same problem today. I bought a Jap PSP with 1.50 firmware, upraded to 3.03oe-c with no problems. The 2gb stick that came with the PSP runs all the ISO's I have (3-4 at a time on the stick). However, I just bought a 4gb Sony stick, and I can only get one ISO at a time on it. They load onto the stick via pc to PSP USB, and I can see the ISO's in the ISO folder, but they don't even show up on the PSP. Any ideas anyone?
  3. Glitchbob

    Glitchbob Guest

    i called sony a little while ago and the told me that when the 4gb memory stick came out it had problems relating to the software but since we have japanese psp's (i have a white one) he doesnt know if thats the case. however we both are using the same firmware based off american firmware. i think whats happening is that the 1.50 part of our custom firmware is sometimes interfering with the 3.03 part in recognizing the memory stick. in other words the 1.5 firmware cant read the 4gb but the 3.03 can and it is causing something things to work and somethings not to work. i have decided im just gonna wait it out and see what the next dark_alex custom firmware has to offer.

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