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Messiah 2 Installation Tips

Discussion in 'PS2' started by AJWH, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. AJWH

    AJWH Member

    Feb 24, 2003
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    Has anyone got any tips on installing the messhiah 2 chip into a playstation 2 version 3. any special equipment etc.
  2. Wizkid

    Wizkid Active member

    Nov 15, 2002
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  3. RavedoG

    RavedoG Guest


    This goes for all ps2 mod installation.

    Always use a fine tip soldering device (preferebly with a temprature regulator) and go easy on the flux.

    Another great thing to do is to have a rolled up towel or something right under you wrist, it helps reduce the "shakes" =)

  4. satan!

    satan! Member

    Feb 23, 2003
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    Make sure you absolutely use 34swg for ALL data wires [which is everything except GND & 3V5].

    For these two wires use 22swg. I completely trashed my PS2, was doomed for failure untill i found some on the net [can give link if wanted]. I then replaced all the wires with 34swg and bobs your uncle.. [sorry, just keeping up stupid English image] ..it worked.

    Apart from using the correct wire you MUST do/try the following:

    * Get a multimeter and check every connection
    - Check from the pin in question to the pin either side of it.
    - Check from the pin in question to the pad on the Messiah 2 Chip.
    * Use a magnifying glass to check at least, if not for use during soldering. I only used to check but then i am quite young so my eyes still work [haha]. When checking use at least 8x, i used 10x although its not required.
    * I have quite steady hands but the idea of a towel or similar under wrist sounds sensible.
    * Solder wire vertically to chip A. Their is more surface area to bond to so its stronger B. Its easier
    * Bend wire gentally over chip, press wire down on top of chip after soldering with finger while you route it to the chip - this avoids pulling it loose.
    * Tin wires first, also pads on Messiah 2. It is usually too hard to tin the bios and CD/DVD chips though.
    * Insulate above chip on metal plating
    * Tape down stray wires with electricall tape to avoid unwanted movement, first time i chiiped a PS2 one got under a mounting screw in middle of motherboard and severed [probabky why it didnt work!].
    * Get a fine tip as RavedoG says, it reallllllly helps! I used a 15w Antex iron with a 0.12mm bit [only the best]. See http://www.antex.co.uk
    * Be at one with your Play Station, Love, Care, and feel for it - with its fancy 'Emotion engine' it probably has feeling too you know!

    Hope these help..

    Also i bought some solder paste although i didnt use it. And if you are confused by anything in my post just ask [such as 'Tinning'].

    Keep us posted on your success/failure,


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