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midnight club 3 back up cant see saved profile

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by bigken2k5, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. bigken2k5

    bigken2k5 Guest

    hi guys....anyone had this happen.....
    i hired out MC3 on sunday and played it most of the day...i had around 15% of the game finished when i switched it off...later i copied the game using DVD Decrypter and the loading times as everyone else has said were rubbish....i reburned it at 1x speed onto an infiniti samurai disc and using swap magic it booted up quick as a flash.


    when i go to load the saved profile the back up game doesnt see it ( it is there on the memory card as when i put in the original it loads as normal ).

    whats going on, i've never had this before ?

    backup game loaded = no saved profile showing

    original game loaded = saved profile available

    one last thing the game plays perfect it just wont load the saved profile !
  2. ukballer

    ukballer Guest

    just a glitch i wood say..but who listens to me?
  3. bigken2k5

    bigken2k5 Guest

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