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mod or flash?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Modding & Hacking' started by nuggs2005, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. nuggs2005

    nuggs2005 Guest

    hi im a little confused an advert on net says they can flash my 360 for me, i had the old xbox that had executer chip innit does this mean he will have to put a chip in my 360 or just put a firmware on it?
    i already have a few 360 games downloaded of newsgroups sitting on my desktop and was wondering if i have it (flashed)will they work if i burn them to a dl cd? and will i also be able to still go on xbox live,also the few games i downloaded some are in ntsc format and others in pal does this make a difference or like the old xbox you can change wot format to load?...as you can see a little confused lol...
    also wots the diference of a mod chip and flashing ive seen both ads on the net which do i go for.... many thanks.
  2. xHaydenx

    xHaydenx Regular member

    Jul 20, 2006
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    If the ad says they'll flash it, then there's no chip. Flashing is when they open the 360, hook it up to a PC, unlock the DVD drive of the 360 and put a different software (firmware) on it to allow it to play copied games.

    With the games you downloaded, look around for a guide: I think it's a little harder than just burning them straight to a DL DVD.

    Go for the Flash. I really can't see any advantages with the mod chips: As of now, you can't put on different dashboards or programs like you can with the old Xbox; the Flash is totally reversable, whereas a Mod chip requires some un-soldering and whatnot; I think the Flash is cheaper; and if M$ release a ban for copied games, then I'm guessing the first attempts at a workaround will be made through new firmware.

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