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modbo 5.0 config

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by thecaver99, Oct 24, 2019.

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  1. thecaver99

    thecaver99 Newbie

    Oct 24, 2019
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    been a long time since I did any kind of ps2 modding and just installed a modbo 750 and ps2 boots with matrix splash screen and buttons bypass boot screens etc and I can disable the chip but don't get the disabled screen and the strange thing is when hold circle and triangle down to go into the config menu, it come up then jumps up a little and freezes and have no idea what could be wrong.
    oh and its a 39003 v7 system and only wire not connected is the H as its a PAL system

    sorry on the mod chip it says MODBO 750 not 5.0 lite title.
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