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More PS3 Blu Ray Problems

Discussion in 'PS3' started by yabadabadont, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. yabadabadont

    yabadabadont Member

    Jan 1, 2012
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    First of all, I am aware of the many posts on the many forums around the web about people's PS3 not reading blu ray discs, or only reading them for a few minutes or whatever.
    However, I have trouble finding a post that describes the problem I am having:
    At first, it looks like the PS3 isn't going to read blu ray games, but eventually it will. (DVD's work fine).

    After firing up the PS3, and putting in a PS3 game, it sounds like it spins up for a little while (the loading circle displays too).
    After this attempt, there's this loud "ka-chick" kind of ejecting sound.
    Next, there still seems to be a short attempt to read the disc.
    Eventually, it stops trying, and the icon hasn't even shown up in the menu.

    Taking the disc out, and trying again, gives exactly the same behavior, but after a while of trying this, it will suddenly work! It can take 45 minutes, an hour! But after that, the game is suddenly read, and it works normally. No problems whatsoever. It also won't freeze during gameplay, you can play for hours without trouble.

    Oh and sometimes, after trying so long, it looks like it loads, but then I get some disc reading error when trying to play it. But after a few more attempts, it will once again work perfectly.

    I find this kind of weird. It's like something needs to be warmed up or something before it works. But also, it makes me think that the lens is NOT dead, which confuses me. Because why would it take so long to work, then?

    It is not under warranty anymore, and I've already opened it up to see if I could see anything wrong. I did remove a lot of dust from the console, but the inside of the disc reader seemed ok.

    I also tried the system repair thingy (option 3 in the special booting mode thingy (forgot the names :p)). It did say there were corruptions, but it didn't help out.

    If anyone has any ideas on how this might be caused and/or fixed, I'd love to hear :D.


    EDIT: It also seems to work if I just leave the PS3 turned on for a while (like 45 minutes or so), without trying to do anything on it. After that, when I insert a game, it works as well.
    I am really wondering whether some thing needs "warming up" before it works properly, and what this could be so I could hopefully replace it...
    Maybe an age thing, as it's been used a lot for as long as it's been around?
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  2. andymn87

    andymn87 Member

    Jan 13, 2012
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    The bluray laser is nearing the end. I have a couple where the laser spins about five times then stops.
    I would buy a laser just to be ready.

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