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Discussion in 'PS2' started by Camgirl, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Camgirl

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    [bold]My boyfriend recently got Mortal combat on Playstation 2, and have almost finished it. but in the realm of Chaos we have a problem, one of the missions is to make a 12 hit combo, against Johnny Cage, but we can't figure it out, and now we come to get from someone who knows how it is done.. Please help.. My boyfriend is going mad... hehe[/bold]
  2. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    what mortal combat does he have deception or alliance
  3. Camgirl

    Camgirl Member

    Dec 14, 2004
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    [bold]Mortal Combat Deception...[/bold]
  4. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest


    After entering the portal this piece of the Kamidogu opened,
    you will be transported to the Chaosrealm. Damashi immediately
    appears. Shujinko asks who the warrior was in the Nexus; Damashi
    doesn't know. Shujinko then tells Damashi that the warrior said he
    was the Elder God's Chosen Warrior. Damashi says he is mistaken, as
    you are the champion. Damashi says to continue your search in the
    realm of chaos; the nature of this realm is of constant chaos.
    You start out in a small area with many people walking around;
    you can talk to them if you like to learn about the Chaosrealm.
    Hotaru is pacing back and forth with the green aura above his head.
    In order to continue on in this realm, you must speak to Hotaru to
    engage in kombat. The match is a regular two out of three. He is
    not too hard, as you have used Ermac a lot recently. You receive
    450 koins for defeating him. You now have access to the rest of the
    Chaosrealm through the transporter with the green aura above it (C-
    After stepping onto the transporter, you are transported
    straight across the gap. You are still in location C-3. As with
    every other realm before it, there are many koins scattered about
    for you to pick up; there are also numerous chests containing keys
    or koins. Before we get into the meat of the Chaosrealm, we should
    complete a sidequest:

    If you speak with the Shirai-Ryu member pacing back and forth
    in front of the first teleporter (C-3), you will receive:

    -->Side Mission 1 (C-3): "Locate the fallen Shirai-Ryu clansman and
    return Scorpion's mask to him."
    If you speak with this ninja, he will tell you that he has
    heard rumors a fellow clansman has been slain in this realm. He
    wants to know the truth, and asks you to bring his mask back to him
    as proof if you happen across it.

    > Solution: After talking with Havik, you will be allowed access to
    a part of C-2 inaccessible before. Travel here, and you will find a
    dead Shirai-Ryu member on the ground. Inspect him to receive the
    "Shirai-Ryu" mask. Return to the other Shirai-Ryu member, and he
    will offer you 400 Ruby koins.

    At location C-2 is a man walking to and fro in a long, dark
    robe. He tells Shujinko of something or someone who has put a curse
    on the graveyard behind him. Shujinko then asks the man if he can
    confront this infiltrator and put him in his place. The robed man
    tells Shujinko to go ahead and fight "it."
    If you continue onward into the graveyard to location B-2, you
    will see Noob Saibot wandering around with a green aura above his
    head. Approach him and Shujinko asks him if he is the wraith who
    has taken this land for himself. Saibot, responds he has taken this
    place of the dead for the Brotherhood of Shadow, and challenges him
    to kombat. All you have to do is defeat Noob Saibot two out of
    three rounds. He is pretty quick, but his combos are slow, and
    don't do much damage. You are best off using Special Moves and
    quick combos to whittle down his health bar. Once he is defeated,
    you will earn 450 Onyx koins.
    With Noob Saibot gone from the graveyard, you now have access
    to the previously inaccessible gate behind one of the temples.
    Before we venture out there though, we need to pick up another
    sidequest so head to A-3 to find Kira:

    -->Side Mission 2 (A-3): "Find the riddle to this warrior's identity
    in the temple ruins and return it to her."
    If you speak with Kira in the graveyard, she tells you that
    chaos warps the mind and has caused her to forget who she is. She
    asks that you retrieve a scroll for her in the temple ruins.

    > Solution: After having beaten Konquest Mode travel to area H-6
    where you will find a teleporter. Take this teleported to area E-8
    and then travel to location G-6. Here you will find the scroll with
    Kira's identity on it. Return it to her and she will offer you 400
    Jade koins. You will also be asked to train with her at this time.
    Accept it to train with Kira...

    As you continue on your path to the next green aura, you will
    see Darrius walking around at location A-1. If you speak with him,
    you will initiate a battle. You must defeat Darrius during an
    EaRtHquAkE! The ground will suddenly start to rumble as you fight
    causing you to lose life; Darrius will also lost life too. It isn't
    too distracting, so just concentrate on the fight and you should win
    easily. You must win two rounds out of three, and once you do you
    will receive 300 koins.
    After fighting and defeating Darrius, continue on the path
    toward the green aura (C-1). Kabal will be walking around the
    transporter at location B-1, so speak with him to receive:

    -->Side Mission 3 (B-1): "Bring the Earthrealm map to the temple
    ruins and return to Kabal for a reward."
    If you speak with Kabal here, he will tell you he has found a
    map to Earthrealm from a dead traveler. He asks Shujinko to hide it
    in one of the temples. If he does this, a reward is in order.

    > Solution: This quest can be completed only after having beaten
    Konquest Mode. Once you have beaten Konquest, return to location H-
    6. You will find a teleporter here that was unavailable to you
    before. Step on it to be transported to the temple ruins at
    location E-8. Once you step off of it, the screen will tell you
    that you hid the map. Once the map is hidden return to Kabal at
    location B-1. Speak with Kabal and you will receive 400 Ruby koins
    as payment.

    After completing his quest, speak with him again to engage in
    kombat. You have to be Kira, and you have to beat him 3 times
    without blocking. He is pretty tough, but you can do it. Use
    Kira's small combos, and her Dagger combos. Her Special Moves also
    work relatively well. Once Kabal is defeated, you will win 500
    Platinum koins, and he will drop the key to koffin "DA" which
    unlocks his Alt. Costume.

    After speaking with Kabal, step onto the transporter, to be
    sent to location F-1. Continue down to your right to location E-2.
    The green aura will be above Havik's head. Speak with him to learn
    that there are four Seidan guards in Chaosrealm that seek to
    restrict the flow of water; they want the water for themselves.
    Havik asks you to find and defeat these four Seidan guards, and
    place a pendant around their neck. If you do this for him, he will
    reward you with training.
    After speaking with Havik, the doors behind him will open. You
    will now be allowed access to a praying ground. There will be many
    monks before you bowing their heads to a temple. At location E-2 is
    yet another green aura above a transporter. Step aboard to be sent
    to E-3.
    After stepping off the teleporter at location E-3, you will
    find Dairou walking around. Speak with him to receive:

    -->Side Mission 4 (E-3): "Locate Kobra and defeat him in battle."
    If you speak with Dairou, he will tell you that he was sent
    here to assassinate a member of the Black Dragon, Kobra. Kobra
    knows what he (Dairou) looks like however, and asks you to find and
    kill him for him. If you do this, he will reward you with half of
    the payment he receives.

    > Solution: You must have completed Konquest Mode in order for you
    to be able to do this quest. Once Konquest is beaten return to
    location H-6. There will be a teleporter here that was previously
    unavailable to you. Step on it to be transported to area E-8. Step
    off the teleporter and walk to location H-7. Here you will find
    Kobra standing between some stone structures. Speak with him and he
    will ask you to challenge him. Accept the offer and prepare for
    some training...

    After you have beaten Konquest, you can travel to location E-5.
    Here you will find a man walking around with a big axe, and a hooded
    robe. Speak with him to receive:

    -->Side Mission 5 (E-5): "Tell lies to the leaders of the Yanasi and
    Yanges tribes to start a war."
    If you speak with this man, he tells you that he wants you to
    lie to two tribes in order for them to start a war.

    > Solution:

    If you travel to location G-6, you will see a woman happily
    skipping about. Speak with her to receive:

    -->Side Mission 6 (G-6): "Find the woman again who gave you this
    note and deliver it to her."
    If you speak wit the woman skipping about, she will tell you
    that she wishes someone would deliver this note to her later on.
    She then leaves you with the "Odd Note."

    > Solution:

    If you travel to location G-1 (a long winding path, behind some
    temples) you will encounter Smoke. Speak with him to engage in
    kombat. Smoke will be invisible for the entire round. He shouldn't
    be too hard, just block a lot and you should win pretty easily.
    After you defeat him (it's only one round), you will receive 350
    Sapphire koins.
    Continuing on this path to location H-2, will be Mileena.
    Speak with her to engage in more kombat. She will be healing the
    entire time, and you will need to defeat her 3 times. This fight
    can be hard. I just keep doing the same combo over and over to her.
    Throws also work well here. A very cheap way to defeat her is to
    keep using the Back+1 move with Ermac's Axe. It does a lot of
    damage, and should kill her relatively easily. Once she is defeated
    you will earn 350 Jade koins.
    Once you have battled to your hearts content, travel to
    location G-3 (where the green aura is). You will have to travel up
    a small ramp; at the top is a robed man. Speak with him to learn
    that he is there to try and screw with their pumps. Shujinko then
    asks where these intruders are to which the man replies, in the four
    corners of this facility. Now that we know that, head to the left
    of this man to G-2. There is a green aura above a man walking
    around. Approach him and prepare for kombat! You are facing Hotaru
    again. He is pretty easy, but you play as Bo'Rai Cho, so you may
    need to brush up on your skills a bit. After defeating him two out
    of three rounds, you will 400 Jade koins.
    Continue straight down the path to location G-1. This is
    pretty much the same fight as before, except you now play as Sub-
    Zero. I find Sub-Zero to be the easiest to play as character so
    far. Use fancy combos, and the Cold Shoulder move to make quick
    work of this Seidan guard. Once he is defeated you earn 400
    Platinum koins. Continue on down this path to the next green aura
    (H-1). This time you play as Ashrah. She is kind of hard to play
    as, but use a lot of Special Moves, and small Kriss combos to beat
    this guy. Once defeated you will win 400 Ruby koins. The last
    Seidan Guardsman is at location H-2. You will now fight as Ermac in
    this battle. His Special Moves are the best to use here. Small,
    quick combos are also good as well as his Axe. Once he is defeated,
    you earn 450 Jade koins.
    After defeating the last Guardsman, return to location G-3.
    Shujinko will have converted these Guardsman to the ways of chaos.
    The man says Havik will be most pleased, and that he waits for you
    in the towns to the south. Run back down the ramp to the next green
    aura (G-4). Havik will be standing there; speak with him to learn
    that he has sent them back to the world of Seidan. Shujinko will
    then bring up the fact that Havik promised to teach him the ways of
    chaos for cleansing Chaosrealm of the Seidan Guards. So off we go...

    --> Havik: "Now, Shujinko, we will see how you fare against my
    Snake high attacks!"

    > Bai She Tu Xin: Tap - 1
    > Viper Strike: Tap - 2
    > High Snapkick: Tap - 3
    > Mid Kick: Tap - 4

    --> Havik: "Round Two! My Snake low attacks will destroy you!"

    > Low Palm: Tap - Down+1
    > Low Cobra Kick: Tap - Down+3
    > Quick Low Kick: Tap - Down+4

    --> Havik: "Now you will know the fury of Chaos! These are the
    power and pop-up attacks of Snake!"

    > Cross Fang: Tap - Back+1
    > Gut Buster: Tap - Back+2
    > Qing She Chu Dong: Tap - Up+2
    > Eagle Pecking: Tap - Back+4
    > Twin Fang Uppercut: Tap - Down+2

    --> Havik: "I am impressed that you have survived this long, but
    you will not survive my Snake basic combos."

    > Tap - 1, 1
    > Blinding Strike: Tap - 2, Back+1
    > Soul Catcher: Tap - 2, Back+4
    > Twisting Python: Tap - 2, 2
    > Spiritual Snake Tail: Tap - 2, 3
    > Serpent Touch: Tap - 4, Back+2
    > Thrusting Fang: Tap - 1, 1, 1

    --> Havik: "I did not think you could endure my last assault! I
    doubt you will endure my Snake advanced combos!"

    > Tap - 1, 1, 2
    > Rattlesnake: Tap - 1, 1, 3
    > Tap - 1, 1, 4
    > Snake Eyes: Tap - 1, 1, 2, Back+1
    > Poisonous Snake: Tap - 1, 1, 2, 2
    > Hissing Strikes: Tap - 1, 1, 2, 3

    --> Havik: "Impressive! But you will not survive my Tang Soo Do
    high attacks."

    > Open Palm: Tap - 1
    > Forward Open Palm: Tap - 2
    > Front Ball Kick: Tap - 3

    --> Havik: "Indeed you have survived! But you will not stand a
    chance against these Tang Soo Do low attacks!"

    > Knee Chop: Tap - Down+1
    > Low Parallel Kick: Tap - Down+3
    > Low Foot Strike: Tap - Down+4
    > Sweeping Knife Hook: Tap - 4

    --> Havik: "Taste the wrath of my Tang Soo Do power and pop-up

    > Downward Elbow: Tap - Back+1
    > Inside Crescent Kick: Tap - Toward+3
    > Spinning Sidekick: Tap - Back+3
    > Uppercut: Tap - Down+2

    --> Havik: "My Tang Soo Do basic combos will destroy you!"

    > Tap - 1, 1
    > Tap - Back+1, 3
    > Nightfall: Tap - Back+1, 4
    > Path Maker: Tap - 3, 3
    > Walking Dead: Tap - Back+1, 3, 3
    > Tap - 2, 3
    > Face Breaker: Tap - 2, 2

    --> Havik: "Defend yourself against my Tang Soo Do advanced

    > Tap - 1, 1, 2
    > Tap - 1, 1, 3
    > Rushing Palm: Tap - 1, 1, 1
    > Rotting Stench: Tap - 2, 3, 4
    > Tap - 1, 1, 2, 3
    > Death Wind: Tap - 1, 1, 2, 2
    > Decaying Guard: Tap - 1, 1, 2, 3, 4

    --> Havik: "No one can defend against my Morning Star technique!"

    > Iron Swing: Tap - 1
    > Finger Jab: Tap - 2
    > Hip Takeout: Tap - 4

    --> Havik: "I will crush you with my Morning Star low attacks!"

    > Low Punch: Tap - Down+1
    > Toe Bash: Tap - Down+3
    > Shin Swipe: Tap - Down+4
    > Knock-Down: Tap - Back+1
    > Spikes To The Thighs: Tap - Up+3

    --> Havik: "You think you have survived? You have not encountered
    anything as powerful as my Morning Star power and pop-up attacks!"

    > Stomach Crunch: Tap - Toward+1
    > Two Handed Swing: Tap - Back+3
    > Rib Slap: Tap - Toward+4
    > Downwards Spike: Tap - 3
    > Uplifting Mace: Tap - Back+2
    > Upward Mace: Tap - Down+2

    --> Havik: "Feel the wrath of my Morning Star combos!"

    > Basic Steps: Tap - 2, 2
    > Fast Fists: Tap - 2, 2, 2

    --> Havik: "Dodge my Morning Star advanced combos!"

    > 3, Back+2, 2, 2, 2

    --> Havik: "You will not be able to predict my chaotic branching

    > Hissing Fangs: Tap - 2, 2, CS

    --> Havik: "Confused? Not confused enough!"

    > Snake Tang: Tap - 1, 1, 2, CS

    --> Havik: "We shall see if you can handle this Whirlwind combo!"

    > Overrun: Tap - 1, 1, 2, 2, CS
    > Chaos Master: Tap - 1, 1, 2, CS

    --> Havik: "These special moves will horrify you!"

    > Torso Spin: Tap - Down, Back+1
    > Torso Spin: Tap - Down, Back+1

    --> Havik: "Odd? Strange? You have not seen anything yet!"

    > Diving Corpse: Tap - Back, Down+1
    > Diving Corpse: Tap - Back, Down+1

    --> Havik: "Have I disturbed your fragile mind? Now I will crush

    > Crackling Legs Projectile: Tap - Back, Toward+3
    > Crackling Legs Projectile: Tap - Back, Toward+3

    --> Havik: "My body contorts in ways it was not meant to be! Such
    is the way of Chaos!"

    > Head Snap: Tap - Back, Toward+2
    > Corpse Taunt: Tap - Back, Toward+4

    --> Havik: "I have given you a taste, but will you survive all of

    > Crackling Legs Projectile, Corpse Taunt, Diving Corpse, Torso
    Spin, Head Snap, Crackling Legs Projectile, Corpse Taunt, Diving
    Corpse, Torso Spin, Head Snap.

    --> Havik: "I must apologize. I have restrained myself by
    attacking you one move at a time. Now I will not hold back!"

    > Havik is pretty easy to fight. He has some quick combos in Snake,
    but other than that, he should be pretty easy. Since Head Snap
    regains some lost health, use it if need be. Use the Morning Star
    for some big hits. Once he is defeated you will have completed the

    After training is complete, Shujinko questions Havik's
    intentions during the training. He asks him if he meant to kill
    him, and Havik responds that he did mean to. But since Shujinko
    defeated him, Havik rewards him with the "Portal Key." Take this
    key to location G-5 (right next to Havik), and hop aboard. This
    will transport you to location C-5. Here you will find many more
    random koins lying about as well as some chests. When you are done
    exploring head to location A-5 (the green aura).
    At location A-5, is a floating piece of the Kamidogu. Shujinko
    walked through the shallow pool, and felt dizzy as if the world was
    passing him by. Damashi then says he found the Chaosrealm Kamidogu.
    Shujinko says he think he has changed. Damashi says time has
    passed, and the labyrinth has caused time to pass. Shujinko says he
    feels older because of the strange pool. Damashi says the elder
    Gods will be pleased at his progress. After this cutscene, you will
    be transported back to D-3 (the green aura). As of this time, this
    is all we can do in the Chaosrealm. Fret not, as we will be back
    here in no time after we beat Konquest Mode. As with every other
    realm we have been to, we can come back any time we want, but some
    of the items, and keys will not become available until after
    completing Konquest. So step inside the portal to be transported
    back to the Nexus. Step up to the altar, and place Chaosrealm's
    piece of the Kamidogu onto the altar to open up Outworld...
  5. yudda111

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  6. succubus

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    Nov 21, 2004
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    search online. google is your friend! :)

    this was taken from a forum:

    "As far as the combos with Kung Lao and Johnny Cage go, I would use Liu Kang. Do his first style-branching combo, then do his bicycle kick. It takes some practice but if done perfectly, you can get 14 hits or so."

  7. Camgirl

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    [bold]thanks, but you didn't help that much.. The world i Outworld, where he have to defeat Johnny Cage, by making a 12 hit combo, and we can't find any thing that works, so I was wondering, is anyone would know what the combo is???[/bold]
  8. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

  9. Camgirl

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    [bold]Succubus, that doesn't help very much. the only thing that my boyfriend needs is to know what the combo is, and everytime he tries to fight Johnny Cage, then it is a different character each time.[/bold]
  10. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    what character are you playing with
  11. Camgirl

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    [bold]that's the problem it's a different character every time we try to defeat Johnny Cage..[/bold]
  12. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest


    Back B
    Forward F
    Up U
    Down D
    Move Abbreviation PS2 X-Box
    Attack 1 1 Square X
    Attack 2 2 Triangle Y
    Attack 3 3 X A
    Attack 4 4 Circle B

    Change Style CS L1 L
    Block BL R2 R

    Here a few good combos to use when in a tight situation. They are very
    effective and do a lot of damage. They are all in the Chou Jaio fighting style
    (I named them myself):

    White Blossom- 34% damage- 10 Hits

    2, 2, 1 CS 3, F+3, 1, 2, 2, 3

    Power Behind a Veil- 36% damage- 12 Hits

    2, 2, 1 CS 3, F+3, CS CS 2,2,1 CS 2,2 CS
    (The double CS is to change back to Chou Jaio after the style branch)
    sub zero
    Back B
    Forward F
    Up U
    Down D

    Buttton Abbreviation PS2 Xbox

    Attack 1 1 Square X
    Attack 2 2 Triangle Y
    Attack 3 3 X A
    Attack 4 4 Circle B

    Change Style CS L1 L
    Block BL R2 R
    Throw TH R1 Black
    Pick-Up Weapon PU L2 White

    Fighting Stance: Shotokan
    14 hits - 35% Damage
  13. succubus

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    Nov 21, 2004
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    well then i suggest u figure out the combos for each character then. :D
  14. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    go check out the combos on www.gamefaqs.com
  15. Camgirl

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    Succubus >> that I have done several times, but couldn't find any once with a 12 hit combo, other wise I wouldn't have come in here and asked for help.

    Yudda111 >>> Thank you so much for your help, you have been very kind. And we are going to try the thing you first wrote down, and checking out www.gamefaqs.com

    If ever we need more help then i would know where to find it.
  16. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    glad that i helped.i op it does the trick and if you want some cheat codes you can go at www.cheatcc.com or www.xcheater.com great sites but the best is gamefaqs.com.
  17. Camgirl

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    Dec 14, 2004
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    hehe, thanks.

    Oh by the way I have one more question.
    I have read some where that you can play againts each other, at bet koins from the game, but I can't seem to find out how you do it..
  18. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    can you tell me what faqs,is it the Konquest Mode Walkthrough?
  19. yudda111

    yudda111 Guest

    this is for mortal combat alliance i dont know if it works for this game tho but you should try. Infinite Koins Master Code
    1.) Choose a Vs. Game and load a profile for each fighter,
    2.) Wager one round normally with R2
    3.) After first fight have ONLY P1 open the wager tag,
    4.) Have P1 press right, you will hear a koin sound,
    5.) Then press up, now you will hear koins being bet,
    6.) The sound will stop so then press R2 again to exit the wager,
    7.) Now both players choose a character,
    8.) Have P1 beat P2, P1 will win the koins, but P2 will NOT lost anything.

    Okay below is the key to what koins you will bet so for objective 4 just press right as many times need for whatever koin you desire,

    When you open the wager tab with P1 the koins are as follows to bet since you cant tell what koin you are betting.

    Right once and up = Onyx
    Right twice and up = Jade
    Right three and up = Ruby
    Right four and up = Gold
    Right five and up = Platinum
    Right six and up = Sapphire
  20. 03Corba

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    Dec 28, 2004
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    Is there a trick to completing the combos in training (ie. square, triangle, circle, L2)? I've done the moves exactly as shown but it doesn't except them. Here's what I'm trying to get passed:

    Bo'Rai Cho: "Many of the skills you have learned can be used
    together. By combining fighting styles, you will truly become a
    master of Mortal Kombat."

    Directions: Linking fighting styles together will enhance your
    attack. Show me you understand by performing these Style-Branching

    > Poor Soul: Tap - 1, 2,4,CS

    --> Bo'Rai Cho: "By launching your opponent into the air, you
    leave your opponent vulnerable to combos."

    Directions: Try these Pop-Up combos.

    > Perfection: Tap - 1, 1, 2, CS

    --> Bo'Rai Cho: "I am impressed with your aptitude for learning
    martial arts, Shujinko. But I must put you to the test to see if
    you truly understand the intricacies of combo attacks."

    Directions: Show me you can perform this advanced style branch

    > Plane Searcher: Tap - 1, 4, 4, CS

    Mission Complete!

    I've done the first combo perfectly several times but it still won't let me move on.

    What's the trick?

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