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moving menus

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by daub123, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. daub123

    daub123 Guest

    What is the best way to make motion menus with MASTRO? How do you rip the moving buttons? I know how to format them once they're made, but I don't know the first step.
  2. chunkyass

    chunkyass Guest

    The way I make the motion menus is this :

    1) Using (presumably) vob_0 file....load it into DVD2AVI.

    2) Find where the menu starts, then click the "[" button to set the start point, then find where the menu ends, and click the "]"

    3) Save your project. This will create a D2V file and an AC3 file. YOu can use the AC3 file when making the menu with Maestro.

    4) Load the d2v file into tmpge and covert it to a .m2v file.

    5) as far as the sub picture goes. just save a picture of the menu you have using tmpge (i.e. source range option) and then just edit it up with something like Paint so you have your overlay shapes.

    I have had NO problems with this. The only tedious thing is creating the overlay pics.

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