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Multiple DVDs Extras on to one DVD-R. . . Is This Possible?

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by shingi, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. shingi

    shingi Guest

    Sorry for double posting this, but no body answered it on other forum =( I think this is a more appropriate thread for this forum.

    I've decrypted (Dvd Decrypter) three Dvds (Berserk Series) and after burning the Dvd its to compressed that the video quality is horrible. Even when taking away unnecessary menus.

    What i would like to do is burn the 3 Dvds with just the episodes and one Dvd with all the extras from the 3 Dvds. Is this possible or should i just give up on the idea? Thanks

    Crap i meant to post this on Dvd-r for newbies forum. I'm very sorry for this. Hopefully u guys can still help me out. thanks bye
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  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Howdy there shighi, welcome to aD -

    I would think that DVD Shrink (FREE) could do it for you in the re-Author mode (Nero's recode 2 ($$$) can do it too).
    I would suggest that you first put all 3 singley through DVD Shrink using Deep Analysis and Quality Enhancement (Maximum Smoothness) to obtain the very best video quality then putting them on your HD. Then run them through re-Author sepratly to get the main parts of each episode and the extras in proper files on your HD. Finally , assembling them on the 2 discs, the 3 episodes on 1 disc and all the extras on the other disc. Then burn them to disc as you will with your burner of choice (I'd use CopyToDVD).

    As another option, after you've done the DVD Shrink using Deep Analysis and Quality Enhancement (Maximum Smoothness) to obtain the very best quality, and seperated your files, use DVD2One for assembly. Check this out - For 3 Discs on 1 use DVD2One in the "Join" mode.
    The join mode is a very powerful new feature of DVD2one. It can be used for many things:
    Joining a movie that has been spread over 2 sides of a disk (aka "flipper") or even over 3 disks.
    Joining of different episodes of a (TV) series on 1 disk.
    Adding a music video, documentary or Featurette after the main movie.
    Adding an intro (for instance THX or Dolby) before the main movie.
    Or any combination of the above possibilities !
    The join mode is not limited to only 2 titles, but it can join any number of titles on 1 disk. Of course the total size of the titles you want to join has its limits. DVD2one has built-in warning messages to let you know when you go to far.
    The join mode has 2 different modes:
    Seamless. The separate titles are joined in 1 titleset, and will play continuously without interruption.
    Non-seamless. Each title is put in its own titleset, and there will be a small delay when the player goes from one to the other title.
    The seamless mode is the perfect mode for joining a movie that has been spread over different sides or disks. DVD2one will examine automatically whether the different titles can be seamless joined together. For this the video, audio and subtitles need to be the same.

    The non-seamless mode will work with any title, and can be used in all other cases. DVD2one provides convenient ways to skip through the different title sets.

    How to use
    The join mode is very simple to use, since it works like a repeated movie-only mode. After selecting the first title you come to a summary screen. Here you can select another title you like to add to the list, or start processing. If you select to join another title, you will advance through the selection screens again. The only difference is when using seamless mode, you do not have to select audio, subtitle and angle. The selection for these items is taken from the title to which the new title is seamlessly joined.
    Advanced Navigation Mode
    This new feature is experimental and may not work correctly with specific DVD players, or may have some unwanted side effects. It is recommended to try it first with a re-writable disk. It adds the following ways to navigate between the different title sets:
    · Right menu button for next titleset.
    · Left menu button for previous titleset.
    · Next chapter at the last chapter of a title
    goes to the next titleset.
    · Previous chapter at the first chapter of a
    title goes to the previous titleset.
    The menu button system may interfere with subtitles. Also if a titleset does not have subtitles, a dummy subtitle is added to make this feature to work.


  3. shingi

    shingi Guest

    ScubaPete thank u so much. Your my hero. Your advice has greatly helped my creativity. Thanks Peace!
  4. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    It's not time to leave just yet, hang out iffin you have the time, snoop around to some of the other forums, checkout the "Safety Valve", there's usually something in the "Wacko" category going on there -

    Always feel free to stop back here at "Newbie Central" and pickup a few more pointers or tricks to make your computer work a bit easier -
    (NO, somebody isn't coming by your house to type for you. He's booked up until June, 2009) I was suggesting something in the line of a shortcut we may have come up with (it happens from time to time) OR a new proggy you might want to try - Ya never know . . . .

    We'll lQQk for you later, OK ?

    Till then,

    Sea Ya - - - Pete :D)

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