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music skips in Hokuto No Ken Arcade

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by DrkSavior, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. DrkSavior

    DrkSavior Guest

    Hey. Got this backup of the game, burned it and the music skips every now and then. I'm using Fuji -R discs which i've also used for Guitar Hero 2 since that game skips on cheaper media. Also read on another forum how the person got skips as well despite burning at 2x. I'm wondering if there's any tips on maybe repackaging the game or any other tips? thanks

    If it's because of the 2nd class media, might anyone give me a response if it works perfectly on 1st class media?
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  2. DrkSavior

    DrkSavior Guest

    answred my own question :p i just repackaged it with cdvdgen + apache
  3. TehBloke

    TehBloke Guest

    i think everything would work better if it was burned on a Booktyped DVD+R. Imma get Sony DVD+R's (Japan) soon.
  4. DrkSavior

    DrkSavior Guest

    +R's read slower from my experience. Maybe use bitsetting to set it to -ROM ?
    About your problem..i dunno. I rebuilt my iso just fine. Works perfectly. Try to drag and drop the files and folders in the exact order they're in. Maybe that'll help.
    I burned mine at 16x on a verbatim -R disc on an NEC burner. I noticed burning at a slower speed doesn't really help me at all. Might differ on the burner though.

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