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My Bitlord Speed is Slow

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by Eugene482, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Eugene482

    Eugene482 Regular member

    Feb 13, 2006
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    My average download speed is 5kb/sec. On average there is 5 connected seeds (6 max) and 60 connected peers (700 max). My http: download speed is 120 kb/sec (though when I was buying this internet, it said 1mb).

    When I look at my peers' download speed it's 100 kb - 1000 kb per second. I don't know why my speed is so slow (5kb/sec). Please help!

    And, hmm, yes I do have my computer going through the router, but even so, shouldn't it be at leasst close to http download speed because there are so many people? Ok, and about port forwarding, I read the FAQ. But ran into problem, when I click properties of my network connection --> advanced --> settings button is unpressable. I don't know why, it's not highlighted. Near it it says if you are not familiar with ...... network setup wizard.

    Any help?


    Hmm,I tried portforwarding with D-Link router, in application, filled the ports 6881-6889, for trigger port. In the trigger type I used both TCP and UDP. I left Public port blank and public type blank
    For some reason, when I click apply, it gives me this "Internet Explorer loading page error symbol in the bottom". Do I need to fill anything in Virtual Server? Firewall? I tried the same thing on the other computer - still get the internet page loading problem. I don't think it's the problem with explorer.

    Hmm, now can you please help me? Thanks.
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  2. rav009

    rav009 Active member

    Nov 14, 2005
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    Well, firstly read this thread regarding the particular torrent client you have chosen (BitLord);


    Secondly follow my patented method to improve BT D/L/U/L speeds;

    If you are using a router, please ensure that you have configured it to play nice with your BT d/l & u/l speeds, here are some
    great guides on how to open and forward ports on your router:

    *Step 1*

    Router Configuration Guides

    Slow Bit Torrent downloads? Router configuration tips (By CamDog):


    TUTORIAL: How To Open Ports and Forward them to your Router (By tEChniiQue):


    *Step 2*

    If you have a firewall installed, you must allow your BT client full access to the network via <Insert firewalls name here>, how to do this depends on what firewall you are using, information on how to do this is likely to be found on the manufacturers forums:

    Kerio Forums


    Outpost Firewall Support Forums


    Zone Labs User Forum


    Sygate Product Forums


    If you have Windows XP firewall installed, I reccomend you disable it (via Controll Panel Security Centre) and use one of thefirewalls listed here:


    Windows firewall has no outbound protection, meaning a full software firewall will prove much more effective.

    *Step 3*

    Download well seeded torrents, seed's are people who have the full file and are distributing, leech's/peers are people who are aquiring the file, the more leech's the slower the speed as the seed can only upload xxxyyyzzz amount at one time, the greater the upload & download speed of the seed the faster data can be transferred, a torrent with 100 seeds and 500 peers will go very slow, as there are more people trying to download the file than share it, meaning less data can be uploaded to the peers as there is more to share it with.

    A torrent with 100 seeds and 10 leechs will go very fast! as the seed can upload more to xxyyzz person as there is less people to share it with.

    Please tell us the amount of seed's and leech's on the torrent!

    *Step 4*

    If you have Windows ServicePack 2 installed, you'll need this:

    Install the LvlLord Patch


    Windows will prompt you with a pop up telling you system files are being altered, ignore this, click cancel, also your Anti Virus may alert you telling you this patch is a virus, its not! so ignore that too :)

    *Step 5*

    If there still slow, its possible your ISP is capping your BT download & upload speeds, you need to call them and ask them how they feel about "Peer to Peer file sharing programs" and wether they have placed any caps, it may be worth you checking out this guide if so:

    …:::::::::::::::::Rav009’s Bit Torrent Privacy And Safety Guide:::::::::::::::::…


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