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My hp dvd 100i reads only some DVD-R discs, why ?!

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by mvalenci, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. mvalenci

    mvalenci Member

    Apr 18, 2004
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    I have a WinXP machine with Memorex dual format DVD writer (burns all formats). I used it to burn a Data DVD-R (unknown media brand x1 speed).
    The same machine reads it perfectly.

    Now, I have another Win2000 machine with HP dvd writer 100i which fails to read that Data DVD-R.
    I tried to use the latest Firmware and software from HP (also tried the "DVD Compatibility Utility") but it didn't help.

    Some "old" DVD-R discs that I have can be read by this drive. so I don't know if this is a Drive issue, an unsupported format issue, an optical issue or another voodoo ...

    I used Roxio 6 (Disc Creator Classic), "UDF/Mode1" format, "Track at once" option with "Finalize disc".

    Can someone explain me what is going on here ?!

  2. ScubaPete

    ScubaPete Senior member

    Mar 13, 2003
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    Hi there Mike, Welcome to our little Club,

    First off let me stste that I am a confirmed Roxio hater. I have found it to screw up more things than a heavy duty power pak Screwdriver.

    Also, your complaint sounds like a media issue -

    Let’s get your media straightened out -

    1.* Cheap media skips and stutters, freezes, fruzzules, pixelats, palpitates, partially jams, partially rams, won’t play, doesn’t pay, won’t burn, can’t turn or won’t be accepted, could be deflected, may be rejected and even our old standby, refuses to be recognized. :-( (The preceding should be read out loud and with cadence and evokes LL but should be taken most seriously)

    Inexpensive media is great for text, Data, Spreadsheets, .Jpg and .Gif pictures and is good even for MP3 music BUT for DVD backups - BLAaaaaaT! It SUCKTH in an extremely Big-th way !

    2. A good grade media is needed for DVD reproduction !
    Ritek G04's or Verbatim are what we’re looking for OR any media boasting “Advanced AZO Metal Dye”, this indicates a superior dye application, while they are a bit “pricey” they are acceptable.

    Prices online from Meritline.com have gotten Ritek G04 down below a dollar a disc -
    Question - If you make coasters out of 3 cheap discs and good copies from 3 Verbatim discs or 3 Ritek G04 discs - which ones then will you say are too expensive ?

    Bear in mind, Memorex, Fuji, Sony, TDK, Orange Pack and others are quite good for your MP3 music, picture archives, Spread sheets, Data and your text backups and archives, they just don’t work well for DVD backups.
    Remember, for DVD backups, purchasing inexpensive media is a gamble, some people win, the majority of people lose, varying amounts but, they still lose :-(

    Using good grade media can guarantee you one thing to an absolute certainty, it surely cannot hurt.

    Try a disc or 2 of the "Good Stuff" -


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