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Discussion in 'PS2' started by marwan, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. marwan

    marwan Guest

    I just had the Magic 3 mod chip installed in my PS2, when i took the PS2 back home, all US\Euro\Japan games work fine, but when i insert PS1 games the whole colors are messed up(shades of orange) and the resolution drops big time. I took my PS2 back to the store to show it to him, and surprisingly it works fine! PS2 and PS1 games work perfectly! now when i went back home, the same crap happened again, PS2 games work but PS1 are all messed up!!! then i though there might be something wrong with my cables, so i bought two new A\V cables and it's still giving me the same problem!

    I'm very frustrated, i have no idea what to do! ...anyone with a Magic 3 mod chip experience this?

    and yes i did boot up the PS1 games the correct way by holding down the power button!

    I tried this on 2 other multisystem TVs and it doesnt work!
  2. Supleh2

    Supleh2 Guest

    What did the store say, sure it's not your TV?
  3. ps2wizard

    ps2wizard Guest

    Marwan, What store did you get yours at, I usually see people getting there's installed be a friend. Thanks.
  4. marwan

    marwan Guest

    Supleh2 my TV is a brand new 38" Sony Multisystem TV, the TV at the store was some crappy 15"

    also, i have tried this with 2 different TVs and no use! :(
  5. marwan

    marwan Guest

    genius1, some local store in my area(im in the UAE) im gonna head back today and test it at his store again, i'll ever ask if i can borrow his cables to see if that has anything to do with it!
  6. Supleh2

    Supleh2 Guest

    Good luck.
  7. enigma687

    enigma687 Member

    Nov 9, 2002
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    i think mayb ur tv is set to pal or mayb ntsc
    wot u mayb abl 2 do is set it to the opposite 2 wot it is and then try
    something else u could try isi set it 2 auto if u have th@

    hope this helps

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