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mysterious problems

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by Dr.morono, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Dr.morono

    Dr.morono Guest

    hi, i have a v14 ps2 tape and tissue mod with a swap magic 3.6 for just over a year now.it loaded all my games fine until about a week ago when my fifa 07 stopped loading.this usually happens to me when the disc becomes dirty with fingerprints etc so i wiped it clean and retried loading it..it didnt load this time even though it normally does when i wipe it. anywayz, i then burnt over a new copy and this one worked fine until today..now it isnt loading at all! i think it may be because my little brother aggressively removes the swap magic disc whenever he uses the console.did he somehow cause the lens to become readjusted?or is it that my lens may be failing?
    i have never once gotten a disc read error.someone please help me.
  2. stickweed

    stickweed Regular member

    Dec 3, 2006
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    Have you tested other games?

    If they fail as well it is propably that the lens is dying out. But just try cleaning it (the lens) with some Isopropyl alcohol.

    Because you made a copy of the same game, tested it and it worked for a short while suggests that the laser isnt loose.
  3. Dr.morono

    Dr.morono Guest

    i tried my other games and they work fine and i've cleaned the lens using a lens cleaner i bought but my fifa 07 copy still wont work..i've burnt a new copy and it's working fine for now..how long it will last for i dont know...i was reading on another forum that the noises that my ps2 makes when it tries to read a disc can be caused by a lack of lubricant on 2 plates adjacent to the lens and eventually this can damage the lens and hamper it's functioning. can this be the problem?if it is how do i lubricate these plates??? the thread didnt have an instruction manual for doing this even though people were asking for it.
    thanks for all your help so far.

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