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Nasty Weirdness Ripping or Shrinking. Nothing Working.

Discussion in 'DVD Shrink forum' started by FlthyChry, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. FlthyChry

    FlthyChry Guest

    I had a VHS tape transfered to DVDR. I don't know what brand they used but I doubt it was anything special. Anyway, the disc plays fine both on pc and my standalone. Trying to rip it onto my hard disc to make a backup however is not going so well...

    Shrink comes back with a "cyclic redundancy check" error during the analysis. This however, after the video preview shows the entire project, credits and all, which seems to be followed by a black screen that looks like the last 25% of the disc. Hmmmm.

    TMPGEng Author gives me a "Stream Reading (3105/3885MB) error.

    I'm trying SmartRipper now and it seems to be frozen at the 79% mark for some 20 mins.

    I was successful at making an ISO of the DVD with WinISO but onced burned with Nero 6 the disc shows either empty on my laptop, or is an invalid format on my pc.

    I want to re-author this disc with my own menu and chapters. Any suggestions?
  2. Jerry746

    Jerry746 Senior member

    Oct 23, 2003
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    Cyclic Redundancy in Shrink usually means a dirty disc, damaged disc or corrupt files. Your other programs seem to confirm this. Since this is a non encrypted disc, have you tried a straight disc copy program as in Nero, Roxio, or Recordnow. It may work, but I think the errors are still going to give you problems. This of course won't help with the re-authoring you want to do.

  3. FlthyChry

    FlthyChry Guest

    Hi Jerry,
    Well the disc isn't scratched or dirty.
    That's what I was trying to to with the ISO image, which seemed to be created without a hitch, but after burning with Nero it won't play or even register as having folders. I was hoping that burning to another disc might allow me to rip this buggar. Perhaps a NRG or BIN/CUE image might work. I want to set the boundaries of the project to stop after the credits which seems to be before the disc error.

    I'm going to try DVD2AVI and TMPGEnc to mpeg2...
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  4. FlthyChry

    FlthyChry Guest

    Well DVD2AVI did it's thing. I'm running TMPGEnc, which will take 3 more hours, and then I'll author it. I don't like these extra steps though. The conversion from VHS to DVDR was impressive as far as sync and image quality: perfect in fact, and I don't want to lose any of that. I'm not sure what the runtime is. Probably 90 mins. There are 3 shorts, pre-production videos with 3 different actors doing the lead. I'd like to have a menu and chapters and keep this one as the backup.
    I suppose I could use TMPGEnc to make three separate mpegs if this avenue works.
  5. FlthyChry

    FlthyChry Guest

    Got it! Don't know why my first ISO was bust, but I noticed TMPGEnc Author had an ISO write/burn function, and it did the job brilliantly. Just pointed it at the TS_VIDEO folder and let it go at it.
    DVD2AVI with TMPGEnc Plus did a good job too.

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