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NBA live 08 dynasty with Memphis Grizzlies

Discussion in 'PS2 - Games' started by King Ben, Sep 3, 2014.

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    Sep 3, 2014
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    Hello i will be starting a NBA live 08 dynasty with the Memphis Grizzlies who were 22-60 in the 06-07 season, i will be looking to turn them into contenders, i will be playing all 82 games and highlighting every move i make, here i go

    With the 4th overall pick in the draft i selected Greg Oden to pair along Pau Gasol

    Due to trading players i will simulate games until i can construct my team

    I traded point guard Damon Stoudamire to the Boston Celtics for center Kendrick Perkins

    I traded center Darko Milicic to the Charlotte Bobcats for center Ryan Hollins

    I traded point guard Torence Kinsey to the Denver Nuggets for center Nene

    I traded center Stromile Swift to the Portland Trail Blazers for power forward Lamarcus Aldridge

    I traded power forward Brian Cardinal and center Ryan Hollins to the Philadelphia 76ers for shooting guard Lou Williams and small forward Harry Bell

    I traded center Nene to the Indiana Pacers for small forward Mike Dunleavy jr.

    I traded power forward Hakim Warrick to the Philadelphia 76ers for shooting guard Kyle Korver

    I traded shooting guard Mike Miller to the Golden State Warriors for small forward Stephen Jackson

    I released shooting guard Lou Williams and small forward Harry Bell

    I signed point guard Gary Payton

    This concludes the roster overhaul

    My record over the simulated games is currently 5-9

    I will be playing the first game at New Jersey 7-6

    My current starting line-up

    PG- Kyle Lowry- 60
    SG- Mike Dunleavy Jr.- 74
    SF- Rudy Gay- 72
    PF- Pau Gasol- 85
    C- Greg Oden- 80

    I will be posting stats of every game, i play on superstar which is the highest difficulty level
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