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Nba live 2005

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by hatebreed, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. hatebreed

    hatebreed Guest

    Hello i need some help in here... Here it goes.. my brother bought a original game for me and without knowing that my console is ntsc/japan...and the game he bought is ntsc/us or somethin...and of course it didnt work on my console and tried to boot it using ar2...and it loaded but just a black screen.... i back it up to a MMore dvd-r 2x speed in dvd decrypter...but it failed also..i wonder what the problem is...is it the media or the speed???...i am planning to buy a sony dvd-r..would that be a good idea??.....can somebody help me in here....

    thanks in advance
  2. hatebreed

    hatebreed Guest

    anyone already made a back up for this game???....can you tell me how you burnt it and made it to work on your ps2??...
  3. Haskett

    Haskett Member

    Feb 21, 2004
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    I have made a back-up of this game using DVD Decryptor and it works fine. Use the slowest speed for both the read and write process with Decryptor, and use the DVD Loader from www.swapmagicfix.com. It doesn't say that the loader is necessary for this game but it is the only way that i have been able to load it properly.
  4. hatebreed

    hatebreed Guest

    hey thanks for the info... but would that dvdloader work with ar2??...because im booting my back up games using AR2.... and which version of dvdloader should i download?????..
    thanks again!
  5. hatebreed

    hatebreed Guest

    i already burnt this game on a sony dvd+r running at 1x speed and i used dvd decrypter. and still it didnt work for me.... and this DVDloader...where do i burn this into a cd-r or a dvd-r??
  6. hatebreed

    hatebreed Guest

    someone can help me in here???... i really need to make this games work..and if u succesfully back up nba live 2005 or fight night round 2..

    can you tell me how you did it and which media u used??...i been using MMOre and philips dvd-r and never have problems with them..until i backed up nba lie 2005 and fight night round 2...and just got a black screen... and this dvdloader...would it also work on ar2 version 2 swapping method??.... any help will be appreciated...
  7. abx

    abx Guest

    My brother-in law and I have the exact same PS2 with the same mod chip and we both use dvd decrypt for backups. The only difference is the he wanted to save a few $ and bought Phillips DVD+r and bought Taiyo Yuden DVD+R. All my backups work and three out of the last five of his didn't work. I used Phillips in the past but I read that they had a lot of quality issues. Give TY's a try
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  8. hatebreed

    hatebreed Guest

    someone here said that you can load nba live 2005 back up using dvd loader..but im using the ar2 swap method.... would dvdloader work on my ar2??

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