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NEC ND1100-A and various media

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by charwoman, Jun 14, 2004.

  1. charwoman

    charwoman Member

    Jun 19, 2003
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    Hello, I'm writing to share my own media experiences and hope to get some feedback from other ND 1100-A (+R/RW, 4x/2.4x) users on some recent problems.

    So far as [bold]environment[/bold], I began using my drive one year ago (almost to the day) and have since moved it to a different (faster) computer. The drive was purchased in a Cendyne retail package with the Ahead NeroExpress suite and WinDVD tools. It has always operated under Windows XP Pro. Last week I upgraded my firmware from 1.A0 to 1.A3, using the manufacturer's update, in the hopes that it might resolve some problems that I now believe to be media related. I've always used Nero to burn the discs but didn't pick up on the importance of using the verification and drive speed checking that's built into their stuff until a few months into burning DVDs. It's definitely worth the extra time.

    When I refer to errors, I mean verification errors reported by Nero at the time of burn and/or DVDInfoPro read errors reported. These usually, but not always, result in playback problems on the PC or set-top player. I have only had one disc so defective it could not finish burning before even getting to data verification (the Verbatims mentioned below).

    Here's the media I've used and the experiences I've had with it, in roughly the order of procurement:

    [bold]Memorex 4x DVD+RW[/bold], brand printed in matte/shiny silver, in jewel cases, box of 10.
    Bought from Circuit City, Summer 2003.
    Inner ring code: printed 2-part number, first begins with u3 and second begins with S or R (ex: u3700855b21 s07301102563)
    DVDInfoPro media code: starts with RICOHJPNW (RICOHJPNW11, RICOHJPNW01).
    These have been burned over and over without a single error for almost a year now, and play back beautifully on the NEC drive and on my Daewoo DVD combo set-top player. I use these for movie burn tests and to back up my PC. It is my understanding that Memorex is like most brands in that they use more than one manufacturer and so can't necessarily be presumed Good, but this batch has been very reliable.

    [bold]Verbatim Datalife DVD+R 2.4x[/bold], shiny silver w/ brand in purple, cakebox w/ black spindle
    2-for-1 "deal" from OfficeDepot.com Fall 2003
    Inner ring code: 1 long plus 1 3-digit code, starts with PAB like the HPs below but unreadable. Lightly etched
    DVDInfoPro media code: CMC MAG R01 (surprisingly, same as the HP)
    These started out well but about 1/3 down the first spindle I started seeing serious playback problems during the most cursory testing; thus my 'discovery' of Nero verification. The problems became progressively worse down the spindle, maybe suggesting that packaging or printing was the problem? Packing them hot off the press? In any case I went back and found that many of my earlier discs were Not_So_OK & having been deleted, couldn't be re-burned (grrrrr). Returned the second pack.

    [bold]HP DVD+R 1x-2.4x[/bold], matte silver w/ brand printed in blue, cakebox/gray spindle
    Bought from Staples store, Fall 2003.
    Inner ring code: 1 long plus 1 single number, starts with pab631hj08 (pab631hj08123743 3) lightly etched
    DVDInfoPro media code: 'CMC MAG R01' (same for 3 tested discs)
    Despite the evil things I've heard and thought about CMC media, these worked well and had only a couple of minor errors after burning, and these only gave the set-top player a mild hiccup.

    [bold]Ritek RiData DVD+R 2.4x[/bold], plain matte silver, brand embossed in ring, cakebox with gray spindle
    Bought from Meritline, February 2004
    Inner ring code: printed, 1 long number, starts T-103H (t-103h01306136097b16)
    DVDInfoPro media code: 'RITEK R01'
    These worked like a ~charm!~, with only one tiny error reported out of 25 burns that was later undetectable on the set-top player. I thought All Things Ritek must be golden.

    [bold]GreatAZO DVD+R 4x[/bold], which sadly I returned before saving the disc info on. These came from Meritline in May 2004; had four VERY bad burns right off the bat and returned them posthaste. I then immediately purchased the following:

    [bold]Ritek RiData G04 DVD+R 4x[/bold], plain matte silver, brand embossed in ring, shrink-wrapped in 'sandwich' bulk (no cakebox) 50-pack
    Bought from NEwEgg.com (a favorite merchant) in May 2004
    Inner ring code: printed, 1 long number, starting with either
    K3806 (k3806073e601rs3082502d00526) OR
    K4100 (k4100110j410rs4010319b06796)
    DVDInfoPro media code: 'RICOHJPNR01' for both ring codes
    I'd thought that Ritek only sold Ritek manufactured media. I also thought Ricoh was supposed to be a great manufacturer. But I burned 8 freakin discs, all but one seriously defective, before I started to think maybe my drive was the problem. I reinstalled the drive AND the Nero software, patched everything, checked the ASPI, tried burning at lower speeds, etc. but the discs were the problem. My +RW Memorexes burned the same DVD files just fine. The ring codes in this batch are not only mixed up together but the 2 series also have different ink saturation, and this makes me think they are ends or discards from a run that have been tossed together. Trying to return them now (item policy='exchange only' for media).

    [bold]Sony DVD+R '1x-4x'[/bold], brand printed in matte/shiny silver (also in teal on inner ring), cake box/gray spindle
    Bought from Staples store June 2004 (last weekend)
    Inner ring code: printed, 1 long number, starting with K4203 (k4203570c404rs4022500d09285)
    DVDInfoPro media code: 'RICOHJPNR01'
    To my great surprise, they seem to be related to the G04s described above AND unfortunately they perform the same, with only 1 out of 5 burning error-free so far. Infuriating! Is Ricoh's quality going downhill?

    More importantly, how long will it be before quality control improves industry-wide and/or we are able to see the manufacturer's information on the package, since brand names apparently mean zilch?

    So that's what I've tried so far. I'm waiting on another order of the 'good' Riteks from Meritline to se if they are still tasty, and if they are I'll order enough to keep me through winter & I don't care that they're slower than my drive's maximum speed. Will report back more as I have it.


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  2. roeod4

    roeod4 Regular member

    Jun 11, 2013
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    One thing I might suggest is to take a look at what others have used with success. Using this link you can enter the info for your burner and see what media has worked best for others.

    You can also look to see what media is compatible with you set top player here.

    This may take out some the trial and error that you are having to go through now.
  3. jowook

    jowook Member

    May 8, 2003
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    I am also using NEC 1100 (DELL oem). I have used Fuji and Memorex. Memorex is fine for DVD-movie play back in my Sony DVD player and PS2. I cannot copy any file on Memorex from NEC 1100 and several DVD drives(TOSHIBA and HITACHI). Everything is OK for Fuji.
  4. charwoman

    charwoman Member

    Jun 19, 2003
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    thanks, roeod4~ I was looking for something like that but couldn't find it, and I've even been to that site a few times.


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