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need help in ripping a dvd into a 700mb file

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by depressed, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. depressed

    depressed Member

    Apr 17, 2003
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    after i save the project i use tmpgenc to put it on a cd but i got no blank cds so i skip this option and put it on my hard drive after it done a 700mb file but only 20 minutes of the movie what is going on_X_X_X_X_X_[small]depressed[/small]
  2. bizzybee

    bizzybee Guest

    No idea as too your problem , but here is how I go about it .

    Pc of 400mhz + win98 + 1 x 20gig drive + tmpgenc + virtual mod (dub) + bpmpeg ( original version only ) + smart ripper .

    assuming you have a dvd drive .

    Please note : this only works under windows 98 , I have done extensive testing already ..

    Too start :

    use smart ripper too rip only required files
    (it dose this auto)

    then you need an .lst file ( i think smart ripper can creat one , not sure )

    a lst file just has the ripped files in order and where they are located . note pad can edit this file ( just dont associate it with the edited file ) , then just save it .

    now open virtualdub (mod) and load lst file
    (assuming you have the client installed)

    virtual mod will now ask for some perameters .

    change video too what you want .
    then choose sound file (0x08 is normal file)

    now it will grab sound file , when done you can setup virtual mod too frame serve video too tmpgenc .

    (please remove sound setup in virtual mod , ie , no sound is too be frame serverd )

    When serving , rememmber too name the file with extension of .VDR , or it cant be loaded .

    once loaded in tmpgenc , I downgrade too mpeg1 at 352 x 288 , no audio , bitrate of 2100 is max , an higher and the system wont open the created mpeg because it exceeds the 2 gig mark .

    video done .


    Sound is ripped using ifoedit or vobedit , i think i use vobedit . just rip 0x08 (default) .

    Then use any freeware program that converts the ac3 too a wav , then convert the wav too mp2 and thats the sound file done (email me for the name of the app i use , cant remmember off hand right now )

    Now you have the video file and sound file .

    BPMPEG - the nuts and bolts .

    open this prog and load in a small uncompressed avi file , this is too get access only .

    in settings uncheck multiplex audio , as we dont want it ( this version will screwup the audio ) . then in settings locate the video you do want , and remmember too change the output folder and file name , setup all other settings , and let it go .

    this will on a 400mhz system take around 22 hours .

    when done , load a small uncompressed avi file , this is too get access only .

    now in the setiings we want too multiplex only , there is a setting for choosing the video and audio files you want .

    setup all othe options , change location of output folder , no encoding , and let it go .

    a 2 gig mpeg + mp2 audio file will come out at around 550mb mpeg1 video file with perfect audio .

    This has been done many times by me , and in order too play these back , you need too reset the pc .

    these movies will playback in fullscreen on a 400mhz pc and any home dvd player that supports playback on mpeg / vcd / svcd disc's

    I am in the process of writting this up and will post a full how-too within the next two weeks , along with ftp server access too all applications involved ( must ask for account).

    hope this helps

    windows 98 - works extremely well , no probs
    tested on amd450II - ok
    testing on amd1800xp - in progress

    windows 98se - dose not work
    windows me - in test stage
    windows 2000 - in test stage
    windows xp pro - in test stage

    as you can see , I am very busy bee indeed


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