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Problem Need help to soft mod my ps2 scph-39003

Discussion in 'PS2' started by AlviMC, Apr 15, 2020.

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  1. AlviMC

    AlviMC Newbie

    Apr 15, 2020
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    Hello its my first time that i post a question on a forum.I've been trying to softmod my ps2 for awhile but with no success.As you've read from the title i have a ps2 scph-39003 i will list my other hardware down here:
    • PS2 games:Hitman Blood Money,Ratchet and Clank 3 : Up your Arsenal,The Hobbit:The prelude to the lord of rings,Fifa Football 2004,Tekken 5,Smulger's run 2,God of war 1 and 2,Killzone,Ultimate spider-man,X-men:The official game,Midnight club 3: DUB EDITION,GTA : Vice City Stories,NFS Underground,Ben 10:Alien Force
    • PS1 game:Wipe out 2097
    • LG GSA-H42N dvd+r
    • Several dvd's
    You maybe say damn he got a decent ammount of games why he wants more.Well the majority of them are pretty scratched and i cant play them from the begginig to the end + i like to have the whole library of ps2 games on my pendrive.That beeing said i googled and googled a way to softmod it and i tryed:
    • The cogswap method(with ratchet and clank,Hobbit and Hitman) it never work it keeps sending me to the rsod and sometimes a memory card appears with "no data" text on it and sends me rsod
    • I tryed patching the URBAN.elf from hitman with the cogswap.elf file and i tryed w ratchet and clank 2 with NTGUI.elf black screen several secounds then rsod i even tryed covering it cuz i thought wtf does it have sensors like the slim rsod again!!!! The ps2 seems to check the copy protection or something when launching elfs i dunno but its frustrating
    • I will try today to patch again with uLaunchELF this time but im pretty sure i did that too
    Literally man im desperate i even looked for an arduino solution but it can only write saves from what I've read.Literally any idea will help but dont tell me to buy a modchip and swapmagick and shit like that it should be possible with that many games but maybe im missing somethis.And the dvd's should be good because i tryed launch ratchet and clank and i swapped the disc with the ripped one and i completed the whole game without any glitch or stupid rsod.Any help is well apreciated thank you:))
    Edit:For burning I used ImgBurn and Ripping Apache3
    Edit2:The Ratchet and Clank disk is unusable due to swaps i think i patched every elf file.I even tested the iso in pcsx2 emulator and it worked
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