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Need help with pnp key

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Kibaduo, Dec 19, 2002.

  1. Kibaduo

    Kibaduo Guest

    I'm about to get the pnp key for my v4 ps2. I'm completely new to all of this but I already have dvr-a05 burner. I know it doesnt support 80min cdr. But it will work with 74 minute cdr's and generic 4.7gb dvd-r's, correct? Taking my burner/modchip setup into account, all I have to do is copy the original cd on the fly to a 74 minute cd or the original game dvd to a 4.7gb dvd-r and swap them into the ps2 and they should boot, right? Do I have to patch anything or do anything special to get them to boot? Can I just pick up *any* orignal ps2 and copy it and play it? Is patching the game a thing of the past? Last but not least, I realise how you have to backup xbox games, but do you have to apply patches to them to get them to boot? Can you just go and pickup any xbox game new or old, back it up via evo-x, burn it and play it?

    thx in advance guys
  2. Wizkid

    Wizkid Active member

    Nov 15, 2002
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    This might be helpfull:

    At the end it says how to boot CD-r and DVD backups (swap-methodes)

    How can the newest Pioneer a05 DVD burner not support 80 min. ??? I am almost sure it does !

    You can copy a DVD game on a DVD-r (because you have a Pioneer) and play. It's childsplay.
    I copy with Nero but you can also use Primo.

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