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need help with the little black book

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by bigyack, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. bigyack

    bigyack Guest

    First of all let me thank each and everyone of you that has left feedback, because of you I am able to understand all of this. Your information and time is really apprieciated.
    I have burned over 200 DVD's with a few problems here and there that were solved by your info. I use Dvd Shrink (with Nero), Dvd xcopy express, Dvd xcopy plat., Alcohol 120% and also DVD Decrypter(the newest version).
    I am having all kinds of problems with the little black book. I have read all the threads and have tried everything that has been suggested. I was also having problems with Resident Evil, but when I did the VOB It worked great. It just wasn't working with the little black book. I used the new DVD Decrypter and it read it ok and saved it to my hard drive. When I tried to use DVD Shrink and Nero to write it to disc Shrink will not recognize it. It say: Invalid data in file "C:\DVD_VIDEO\VIDEO_TS\VTS_03_1.VOB" oVERLAPPED I/O operation in progress. Then When I tried to use Dycretper it said the file was too large and asked me if I wanted to continue and I said yes. After about an hour it came up with an error message and asked if i wanted to retry and I said yes and eventually I got the same message so I hit ignore and it went for about 2 mins and said finalizing disc. Then It popped me out a brand new coster with the 9 sec. of the begining. Please help me if you can. I hope I have given enough info. I didn't change any settings in the New DVD Decrypter. Once again thanks to anyone who replies I really do appreciates your help and time. Thanks
  2. seanjohn1

    seanjohn1 Guest

    i was able to decrypt the movie with dvdd and burned the movie using nero recode where it compresed the movie and burned it
    worked great
  3. bigyack

    bigyack Guest

    I will give it a try thanks
  4. saugmon

    saugmon Senior member

    Oct 9, 2004
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    I had to download anydvd "FOX" to be able to do little black book. Anydvd runs in the background while you are using dvd shrink. Worked like a charm.I also used nero to burn. I got is through one of the resident evil apocalypse threads.Just look for the slysoft link. It may also be in the software forums here at ad.
    It's a free 20 day trial.


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