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Need To Downgrade 3.03 & Below, Well Come Here

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by Calo, Feb 5, 2007.

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    Aug 31, 2006
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    Need to downgrade and haven't a clue how to, well you came to the right place. Everything you need is in the download.

    If you have a TA-082 Model (Check Here) It can now be Downgraded make sure to download the right package 2.80->1.5.

    Also them "Easy Downgraders" are OLD and UNSAFE, use the ones i have linked, they are the most up to date and your best option, any problems just post and i will try my best to help you.

    The 2.71 Downgrader's Uses Dark_Alex's new Update Flasher for 2.71. Which is Extremely Safe. Also these downgrader's use official sony updates, so no need to do a clean install afterwards.

    Upgrading to 2.71 and then downgrading from there to version 1.5, is the safest way of downgrading.

    All downloads are with Installer's and Instruction's.
    And i have personally tested each one myself for safety.

    3.03 UPDATE
    2.80 UPDATE
    2.71 UPDATE


    SE+OE RECOVERY 2.71se+3.02oe+3.03oe+3.10oe-->1.50[/color]

    3.03 -->1.50
    GTA unpatched version is needed.
    Warning you cannot upgrade back to 3.03 for now
    as if will harm your psp, it is ok for you to upgrade to 3.03oe.


    Improved Version, works on motherboards TA-079->TA-086

    Do Not Use On A TA-082->TA-086, Use 2.8 Downgrader


    (risky and pointless)

    What To Do After DownGrading

    3.10oe-A Open Edition Firmware Installer
    If you have a 1.5, you can use this, Its 3.10 mixed with 1.5 so you can play your PSX games without the need for a PS3 and all the other features 3.10 has, It other best strength it it can launch homebrew just like a 1.5 and also launch ISO's straight from the GAME menu.

    Devhook for 2.71(esp. TA-082)
    If you have a TA-082 Model PSP or v2.71 and if you are afraid of downgrading, you can still use devhook and use ISo's aswell and not miss out on anything a 1.5 has. (To Do So Check Here)

    Devhook .51.1 Installer
    When you have downgraded to 1.5, you will need Devhook to play your Umd's and ISO's(but i advise on getting 3.03oe).
    Here's a Link, to Devhook .51.1 Installer

    Devhook for 1.5 Maxed out
    When you have downgraded to 1.5, you will need Devhook to play your Umd's and ISO's.
    Here's a Link, to my personal Devhook.46.
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    This is the most articulated guide for this subject (especially for those of us who don't know english that well)
    Thank You

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