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Neo key usa with a ver.4 ps2 problem

Discussion in 'PS2' started by acoustik, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. acoustik

    acoustik Guest

    I just recently bought the digital research dvd+-r+-rw and I attempted to backup my Ratchet and clank 2 game. I wrote a iso to the harddrive and then burned the image to a imation dvd-r. It all went well with the burning, no errors. But when I try to do my swap disk method with my ps2 it won't load the game. I can't even hear the disc trying to read. I have the neo key usb(the 2 wired soldering one) Is it the media that I got that's bad? If anyone has ideas I would greatly appreciate them.

    PS. I the ps2 backup tutorial, Oner had put in the media types table, Neokey/Sbox
    had "no's" under the PS2 dvdr and ps2dvdr silver. I am not sure what this means. My imation dvd-r under sides are pink, so I hope because I have a usb neo key I can't use my backups. Please help...
  2. acoustik

    acoustik Guest

    I have been doing some searching and I am afraid my mod chip will not work with dvdr based media. I am wondering if I have any options. I know there are non soldering mods out there and I think to initially turn on the mod with a neo key you have to switch it on. Does anyone know if I can use one of these "no solder mods" on my already modded playstation?

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