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New Duo2 V1-V10 Review.

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by ShadowNyt, May 10, 2004.

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  1. ShadowNyt

    ShadowNyt Regular member

    Apr 15, 2004
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    The maker's Web: http://www.duomodchip.com/english/install.htm

    My Install pics in a PAL SCPH-50002a V10:

    Ok first off let it be noted that I used my own points for:
    Power/GND/Y/I/H/G/F/B/M/N/O/P that is 12 of the possible 22.

    So before anyone asks - no there is no install diagram available using my points - get yourself a multi-meter and work them out - it is not hard.

    That said - I was a little nervous when I first turned the V10 on...

    Seems recently when ever I make an Install look - "nice" something goes wrong...

    But in this case - I turned on the power - red led came on - always a good sign!

    Then I hit eject - and wow - it worked...


    The following games are all back-ups of originals I personally own!!

    PS2 games:
    GT3 (DVD)
    GT4 (DVD)
    Tekken Tag (CD)
    Dynasty warriors II (CD)

    PS1 Games:
    Thrill Kill (NTSC)

    All of the above were thown at it...

    Worked 100% each time.

    Also used both methods for PS2 games - i.e. Eject to boot and close tray V's hitting Reset. 100% success.

    Disable mode - appeared to also work fine.

    Pleasantly surprised - especially as I used a number of my own points.

    22 wires is not as bad as 25 I have gotten used to with the BlueX-5 in the V9's.Especially when Y can be tied to ground making it effectively a 21 wire chip.

    All that I need to do now is apply the V9/V10 fix to pin 17 on the LA chip and I can re-assemble and give the station back to the customer.
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