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Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by psplw, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. psplw

    psplw Guest

    sony has updated there firmware again with 3.72!!!
    The changes are:

    Support for PlayStation Network titles has been expanded.

    The one-segment in the channel list has been updated.

    its out in europe, usa, and japan!!!

    But some sony didn't say they have changed:

    Custom themes are saved to flash1:/vsh/theme/custom_theme.dat . The 3.71 fw comes with the 'cookies' theme preinstalled, saved as flash0:/vsh/resource/custom_theme.dat .

    The web browser reports the PSP's version as 3.70.

    Registering your PSP with a LocationFree base station makes a file called ms0:/MSSONY/LF/REGISTER/REGISTME.ERD (??? not confirmed, just a guess).

    The HTTP user agent for the LocationFree connection is "LFX HTTP Tunnel Client 1; model=LF-PSP, modeltype=6, generation=3, support=1/2/3, codec=0/2".

    The exact Flash version is "Shockwave Flash 6.0 r72".

    Licenses for DRM-enabled video will be stored as "/PSP/LICENSE/*.PNL", and the video *might* be stored as "ms0:/MPE_ROOT/100AEV01/*.MLV".

    There's a reference to "ms0:/MP_ROOT/105ANV01/MAQ00991.MP4' for ... some ... reason.

    Please visit here for my OWN upload, you have to put eboot in a UPDATE folder then in game!
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  2. psplw

    psplw Guest

    this is not m33, oe etc just sonys official update and no dark alex hasn't cracked it, but he might.....

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