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Newbie Gran Turismo 4 ISO to HDD question...

Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by alanld, Apr 20, 2005.

  1. alanld

    alanld Guest

    I have completed the patching of GT4. Now that I am done, I have a file gt4_hdd.iso that is 5,148,440KB. Here is my question...Do I have to put this file on my hdd, or can I unpack the ISO onto the hdd. I am having some difficulties with Windows XP's NTFS, and I am wanting to go back to Windows 98SE with the FAT32. If I format the drive for NTFS, then I won't be able to read it in Windows 98SE. However, if I format the drive for FAT32, FAT32 will not allow you to have a file larger than 4GB in size. So, again, my question...Can I unpack the ISO onto the drive, or do I HAVE to keep it as 1 big file in iso format?
  2. sly_61019

    sly_61019 Senior member

    Jun 28, 2003
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    you already have it in an iso, so what is your problem? just use winhiip or whatever to put it on your ps2 hd.
  3. alanld

    alanld Guest

    Yes...I have it in ISO format on a NTFS 20 GB hard drive that is still in my computer. That drive also contains my Windows XP operating system. I have a FAT32 60 GB hard drive that is 55 GB full of programs, apps, etc. I would like to put the 20GB hard drive into my ps2. I would like to get rid of Win XP. If I put the NTFS hard drive in my ps2, and go back to WIN 98SE with my 60 GB FAT32 drive, I won't be able to edit the contents of the hdd in the ps2, because win98SE cannot read a NTFS hard drive. I just need to know if I can unpack the ISO onto the hdd in my PS2 and it work. Do I have to leave it in one big 5GB file for it to operate correctly?
  4. dejafua

    dejafua Guest

    hey dude, your so screwed!! I think you know what you have to do though, right? Its a long process. Good Luck!!

    hint hint: I think you need to borrow a buddies xp os pc. cause your 98 os definately won't help.

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