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NH7 Mod Chip

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Grass69, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Grass69

    Grass69 Guest

    This is my first post.


    I recently had my PS2 modded so that i might be able to play backed up versions of my original games after the dog tried chowing my copy of GTA3.

    Anyway, i did some research before i had this done and decided that the Messiah 2 Pro was the chip i wanted. After phoning a few ppl, the modder i decided on convinced me to get a NH7 chip, which he said had all the same features as the Messiah 2 Pro. I have a 390004 Playstation 2.

    So i've had this chip in for about a week, no probs so far. Just wanted to know if anyone else has this chip and how it compares to other chips out there. I know this, u need to hold in the reset button to watch a DVD.

    The chip itself is green, not red like the magic. I think its also known as the Blue chip. Also, i wrote SNES station to a CD and it played fine, even though i used a CD-RW, which i was very pleased to c!

    If there are any known probs with this chip, i'd love to hear em.

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  2. Grass69

    Grass69 Guest

    thanx for the great response. seems the people on this forum know less than me about this chip.

    a pity.

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