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Nice List of DVD Media and Codes

Discussion in 'DVD±R media' started by DogBomb, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. DogBomb

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    Jun 18, 2003
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    01ne DVD+RW 2.4x (OPTODISCOP1)
    01ne DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    01ne DVD-RW 1x (ProdiscDVDRW)
    3A Media DVD-R 2x (SHT 001)
    3t PRO DVD-R 1x (MCC 00RG200)
    Accu DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    Acrocircle DVD+R 4x (OPTODISCOR4)
    Acrocircle DVD+R 8x (OPTODISCOR8)
    AKAI DVD-R 1-2x (GSC001)
    AKAI DVD-R 1-2x (PRINCO......)
    Alfa Vision DVD-R 4x (EZOSDVDR....)
    ANV DVD-R 8x (RITEKG05)
    Apple DVD-R 2x (MCC 00RG200)
    Apple DVD-R 8X (MXL RG 03)
    Arita DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    Arita DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Arita DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Arita DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03)
    Arita DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Arita DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01....)
    Aterra DVD-R 4x (FORNEX101...)
    Aterra Media DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    BASF EMTEC Premium DVD+RW 2.4x (SENTINELW01)
    BeAll DVD+R 4x (BeAll000P40)
    BeAll DVD-R 1x (BeAll G00001)
    BeAll DVD-R 4x (BeAll G40001)
    Bencole Platinum Series DVD+R 4x (........001)
    Bencole Platinum Series DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
    BenQ DVD+R 8x (DAXON AZ2)
    BenQ DVD-R 8x (SONY08D1)
    BestMedia Platinum DVD+R 4x (RITEK...R02)
    BMI DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Budget DVD+R 4x (blue) (ISO01 001)
    Budget DVD-R 4x (PRINCO)
    Bulkpaq DVD+R 2.4x (PRODISC R02)
    Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x (AML-002-000)
    BulkPaq DVD+R 4x (IS01 008)
    Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x (ISO01 001)
    Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x (VDSPMSAB001)
    Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x Printable (PRODISC R02)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 1x Generation 3 v2 (PRINCO......)
    BulkPaq DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 2x Generation 4 (TDKG02000000)
    BulkPaq DVD-R 4x (PRINCO)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 4x Printable (ProdiscS03)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 4x Printed (INFOSMART0)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 4x TangoOrange (PRINCO......)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x Orange Generation 4 (PRODISC S04)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x Printable (MCC 02RG20)
    Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x Printable (PRODISC S04)
    Bulkpaq DVD-RW 1x Blue (ProdiscDVDRW)
    Commodore DVD+R 4x (AML 001)
    Commodore DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01)
    CompUSA DVD+R 2.4x (OPTODISCOP1)
    CompUSA DVD-R 1x (PRINCO......)
    Conia DVD-R 1x (TDKG02000000)
    Create DVD-R 4x (AN32........)
    Creation DVD+R 4x (POMSC001002)
    Cursor DVD-R 4x (GSC001......)
    CyQ've DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Datasafe Media DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Datasafe Media DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)
    Datasafe Media DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
    Datasafe Media DVD-R 2x (RITEKG03....)
    Datasafe Media DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Datastream DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
    Datastream DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISC-A01-002)
    DataTrack DVD+R 2.4x (DATATRAK001)
    DataTrack DVD+R 4x (DT-D02-02-000)
    Datawrite Classic Grey DVD-R 4x (PRODISC S03)
    Datawrite Classic Grey DVD-R 8x (FUJIFILM03)
    Datawrite Classic Grey DVD-R 8x (Prodisc F01)
    Datawrite Classic Red DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Datawrite Classic Titanium DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG. AE1)
    Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)
    Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD+R 8x (PRODISC R03) Rev03
    Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD-R 1x (PRINCO......)
    Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Datawrite DVD+R 2.4X (PRODISC R01)
    Datawrite DVD+RW ?x (PRODISC W01)
    Datawrite DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Datawrite DVD-R 8x Printable (CMC MAG AE1)
    Datawrite DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO......)
    Datawrite Red (V2) DVD-R 4x (AN31........)
    Datawrite Red (V2) DVD-R 4x (INFOSMART01.)
    Digital Matrix DVD-R 4x (INFOSMART01.)
    DMS DVD-R 4x (............)
    DupEZ DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    DVDPro DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    dvX Disc DVD-R 1x (PRINCO......)
    dvX Disc DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    E3works DVD-R 4x (AN32........)
    E3Works DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    Epublic DVD-R 4x (GSC001......)
    Fortis DVD+R 8x (SONY-D11-000)
    Fortis DVD-R 1x (Auvistar....)
    Fortis DVD-R 4x (Dvsn........)
    Fortis DVD-R 4x (GSC001......)
    Fortis DVD-R 4x (GSC002)
    Fortis DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
    Fujifilm DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPNR02)
    Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000T02)
    Fujifilm DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Fujifilm DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN W11)
    Fujifilm DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03....)
    Fujifilm DVD-R 2x (TAIYOYUDEN..)
    Fujifilm DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
    Fujifilm DVD-R 4x (TYG01.......)
    Fujifilm DVD-R 8x (FUJIFILM03)
    Fujifilm DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
    FWS DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    FWS DVD-RW 1x (ProdiscDVDRW)
    GenericUnbranded DVD-R 1x (GSC001)
    GenericUnbranded DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02..)
    GenericUnbranded DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
    Gigamaster RT Line DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Gigastore DVD-R 4x (GSC002)
    Global Moderator
    Global Moderator
    Global Moderator
    Go Tech DVD-R 4x (AN30........)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 4x (AML-001-000)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 8x (OPTODISCOR8)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 8x (PRODISCR03)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    GQ (Great Quality) DVD-R 8x (TYG02) ??FAKE??
    Grade A Media DVD-R 2x (RITEKG03....)
    Grade A Media DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    H2O DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    HouseBrand DVD-R 4x (VDSP.SAB 01.)
    HP DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
    HP DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
    HP DVD+R 4x (MCC.....002)
    HP DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG.E01)
    HP DVD+RW 4x (PHILIPS-041-000)
    Hypermedia DVD-R 4x (AN30........)
    Hypermedia DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
    Ice DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Imation DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    Imation DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
    Imation DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Imation DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
    Imation DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Imation DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
    Imation DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03....)
    Imation DVD-RW 1x (OPTODISCK001)
    Infiniti DVD+R 8x (RITEK-R03-002)
    Infiniti DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Infiniti DVD-R 4x (SONY04D1)
    Infosmart DVD-R 4x (AN35........)
    Infosmart DVD-R 4x (INFOSMART01.)
    Infotech DVD-R 4x (Yi Jhan 001.)
    Integrity DVD+R 8x (VDSPMSAB-001-001)
    Intenso DVD+R 4x (OPTODISCOR4)
    Intenso DVD+R 8x (PRODISCR03)
    Intenso DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Intenso DVD-R 2x (DDD DVDR....)
    Intenso DVD-R 2x (MBI.........)
    Intenso DVD-R 8x (FUJIFILM03)
    Interaxia AG 4x (VDSPMSAB-001-001)
    JVC DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    JVC DVD-RW 1x (JVC/VictorT7)
    KHypermedia DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
    KHypermedia DVD-R 1x (CMC00RG200..)
    KHypermedia DVD-R 1x (TDKG02000000)
    KHypermedia DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG.....)
    Kvark DVD-R 4x (IS-F........)
    Landscape DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....) Avoid Media
    Laser DVD+R 8x *Special 10 Spindle* (MCC003) Rl..c
    Laser DVD+RW 2.4x (...........)
    Laser DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    Laser DVD-R 4x (AML.........)
    Laser DVD-R 4x (AN31........)
    Laser DVD-R 4x (AN32........)
    Laser DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Laser DVD-R 4x (VANGUARD....)
    Laser DVD-R 8x (TYG02) ??FAKE??
    Lead Data DVD-R 1x (LD..........)
    Lead Data DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    Legacy DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO......)
    LG DVD-R 1x (LGE02)
    LG DVD-R 4x (LGE04)
    Liquid Video DVD-R 2x (OPTODISCK001)
    MAM DVD+R 4x (OPTODISC-OR4-000)
    MAM-E DVD-R 4x (MCI4XG01....)
    MATCO DVD+R 2.4x (...........)
    MATCO DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01)
    MATCO DVD-R 4x (............)
    Matrix DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
    MaxData DVD-R 4x (GSC001......)
    MAXdisc DVD+R 4x (POMSC001002)
    MAXdisc DVD-R 1x (4M SYS 202C1)
    Maxell DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Maxell DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000T01)
    Maxell DVD+R 8x High Grade Video (MAXELL002)
    Maxell DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03....)
    Maxell DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    Maxell DVD-R 4x (MXL RG02....)
    Maxell DVD-R 4x (TYG01.......)
    Maxell DVD-RAM 3x (MXL8)
    Maxell DVD-RW 2x (MCC 01RW11n9)
    Maxell DVD-RW 2x (TDK502sakuM3)
    MaxMax DVD-R 4x (GSC001......)
    Maxplay DVD-R 4x (Dvsn........)
    MediaCache DVD+R 4x (MBIPG101R03)
    MediaCache DVD-R 4x (MBI 01 RG20)
    Melody DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG-R01-000)
    Melody DVD+R 4x (GSC502-002-000)
    Melody DVD+R 4x Printable (LONGTEN 002)
    Melody DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC.MAG.W01)
    Melody DVD-R 1x (Auvistar....)
    Melody DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001)
    Melody DVD-RW 1x (PRINCO......)
    Melody Group Sigma DVD-R 1x (CMC MAG. CO.)
    Melody Group Sigma DVD-R 1x (CMC00RG200..)
    Memorex DVD+R 16X (CMCMAG M01)
    Memorex DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
    Memorex DVD+R 4x (MBIPG101-R03-000)
    Memorex DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Memorex DVD+R 4x Printable (MCC-003-000)
    Memorex DVD+R 8X (CMC MAG E01)
    Memorex DVD+R 8X (PHILIPSC08)
    Memorex DVD+R 8X (PRODISCR03)
    Memorex DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
    Memorex DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
    Memorex DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Memorex DVD+RW 4x (CMC MAG.W02)
    Memorex DVD+RW 4x (MKM-A02)
    Memorex DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
    Memorex DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG.....)
    Memorex DVD-R 2x (TAIYOYUDEN..)
    Memorex DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
    Memorex DVD-R 4x (MBI 01RG20)
    Memorex DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
    Memorex DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
    Memorex DVD-R 8X (CMC MAG AE1)
    Memorex DVD-RW 1x (ProdiscDVDRW)
    Memorex DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01) MINI DVD-RW 1.36GB
    Memorex DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01....)
    Memorex DVD-RW 2x (TDK502sakuM3)
    MemorexDVD-RAM 2x (Optodisc)
    Mirror DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
    Mirror DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    Mirror DVD-R 4x (AN30........)
    Mirror DVD-R 4x (AN31........)
    Mirror DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISCK001)
    Mirror DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO......)
    Mitsubishi (Black Diamond) DVD+R 4x (POMSC001002)
    Mitsubishi (Black Diamond) DVD+RW 4x (PRODISC W002 ) Rev00
    Mitsubishi (Black Diamond) DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISC W002)
    Mitsubishi DVD+RW 2.4x (MCC.....A01)
    Mitsui DVD-R 2x (MCC 00RG200)
    Mitsumi DVD+R 4x (........001)
    Mitsumi DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
    Mitsumi DVD-R 4x (AN31........)
    Mitsumi DVD-R 4x (AN35........)
    Mitsumi DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01.)
    MMore DVD+R 4x (OPTODISCOR4)
    MMore DVD+RW 2.4x (SENTINELW01)
    MMore DVD-RW 1x (PRINCO......)
    Mountain Water DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....) Avoid Media
    Mountains & Streams DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....) Avoid Media
    Nanya DVD-R 4x (NANYA-JC001)
    Nashua DVD+R 2.4x (MPOMEDIA001)
    Nashua DVD+R 2.4x (SKYMEDIAR01)
    Nashua DVD+R 4x (AML-001-000)
    Nashua DVD+RW 2.4x (PHILIPS.010)
    Nashua DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Network DVD-R 2x (MCIG01)
    NoName DVD+R 4x Silver (POMSC001 002)
    NoName DVD+R 4x White (MEDIA ID 001)
    NoName DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001)
    NoName DVD-R 4x White/Silver Printable (GSC001)
    Octron DVD+R 4x (RITEK...R02)
    Octron DVD-R 2x (RITEKG03....)
    Office Depot (ReBrand) DVD+R 4x (RITEK...R02)
    OpenPlatform DVD+R 4x (AML 001)
    OpenPlatform DVD-R (AN31)
    Optical DVD-R 4x (ONIDTECH....)
    Optimum DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
    Optimum DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG.....)
    Optodisc DVD+R 2.4x (OPTODISCOP1)
    Optodisc DVD-R 1x (OPTODISCK001)
    Optodisc DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCK001)
    Optodisc DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCR004)
    Optodisc DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISCK001)
    Packard Bell DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    Packard Bell DVD+R 4x (OPTODISCOR4)
    Packard Bell DVD-R 1x (OPTODISCK001)
    Packard Bell DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCR004)
    Panasonic DVD-R 2x (MEI 00V001)
    Panasonic DVD-R 4x (TYG01)
    PC Line DVD-R 1x (OPTODISCK001)
    Philips DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
    Philips DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPN R00)
    Philips DVD+R 2.4x (RITEK R01)
    Philips DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG F01)
    Philips DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
    Philips DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG E01)
    Philips DVD+R 8x (Philips 081)
    Philips DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN R02)
    Philips DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
    Philips DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
    Philips DVD+RW 4x (PHILIPS 041)
    Philips DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
    Philips DVD-R 8x (CMC MAG AE1)
    Pine DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
    Pine DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    Pine DVD-R 4x (AN30........)
    PioData DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    PioData DVD-R 8x (RITEKG05)
    Pioneer DVD-RW 2x (PVCW00V00245)
    Platinum DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Platinum DVD+R 4x (RITEK R02)
    Platinum DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG.E01)
    Platinum DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPNR02)
    Platinum DVD+R 8x Printable (CMC MAG E01)
    Platinum DVD+R 8x Printable (RICOHJPN R02)
    Platinum DVD+RW (NANYASC DRW)
    Platinum DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN W11)
    Platinum DVD-R 8x (RITEKG05)
    Platinum DVD-RW 4x (RITEKW04)
    Plextor DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000 T01)
    Plextor DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000 T02)
    Plextor DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
    Precisa DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
    Prime DVD-R 4x (GSC001......)
    PrimeDisc DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
    PrimeDisc DVD+R 8x (RITEK R03)
    PrimeDisc DVD+RW (RICOHJPN W01)
    PrimeDisc DVD+RW 4x (RITEK 004)
    PrimeDisc DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    PrimeDisc DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01)
    PrimeOn DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID 001)
    PrimeOn DVD+RW 4x (RITEK 004)
    PrimeOn DVD-R 4x (MCI4XG01)
    PrimeOn DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04)
    PrimeOn DVD-R 4x Printable (MCI4XG01)
    PrimeOn DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01)
    Princo DVD-R 1x (PRINCO......)
    Princo DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Princo DVD-RW 1x (PRINCO......)
    Princo DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO......)
    Prodisc DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02)
    Prodisc DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
    Prodisc Printable DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
    ProDye DVD+R 4x Printed (POMSC001002)
    ProDye DVD+R 4x Video Gold (OMSC001002)
    ProDye DVD+R 4x Video Gold (POMSC001 002)
    ProDye DVD+R 8x Video Gold (Plasmon1 C01)
    ProDye DVD-R 2x Video (3AM0201)
    ProDye DVD-R 2x Video (MXLRG01)
    ProDye DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01)
    ProDye DVD-R 4x Printed (VDSPMSAB0)
    ProDye DVD-R 4x Video (PRINCO)
    ProDye DVD-R 4x Video Gold (VDSPMSAB 01)
    ProDye DVD-R 4x Video Gold (VDSPMSAB0)
    ProDye DVD-R 4x White Premium Printable (AN32)
    ProDye DVD-R 8x Video Gold (POMS3A)
    Quentin DVD-R 4x (AN32........)
    Quixo DVD-R 4x (DVSN........)
    Radius DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCR004)
    RAMmedi@ 4x (POMSI002 01)
    Recomso DVD-R 4x (AN32........)
    Ricoh DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    Ricoh DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Ricoh DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN R02)
    Ricoh DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
    RiData DVD+R 16x (RITEKR04)
    RiData DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    RiData DVD+R 4x (RITEK-R03-002)
    RiData DVD+R 8x (RITEK R03)
    RiData DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
    RiData DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    RiData DVD-R 8x (RITEKG 05)
    Ridisc DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Ridisc DVD-R 8x Blue/Silver (Ritek G05)
    Ridisc DVD-R 8x Printable (TTG02)
    Ridisc DVD-R 8x Turquoise/Silver (TTG02)
    Rimax DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    RiMedia DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Ritek DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    Ritek DVD+R 2.4x (RITEK...R01)
    Ritek DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Ritek DVD+R 4x Printable (RICOHJPN R01)
    Ritek DVD+R 4x Printable (RITEK R02)
    Ritek DVD+R 8x (RITEK-R03-001)
    Ritek DVD+R 8x Datasafe Printable (RITEK R03)
    Ritek DVD+R 8x Printable (RITEK R03)
    Ritek DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Ritek DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03....)
    Ritek DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Ritek DVD-R 4x Silver (RITEK G04)
    Ritek DVD-R 8x (RITEKG..05)
    Ritek DVD-RW (RITEK000V11A)
    Samsung DVD+R 4x (BeAll000 P40)
    Samsung DVD+R 4x (BeAll000)
    Samsung DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000T01)
    Samsung DVD-R 1x (BeAll G00001)
    Samsung DVD-R 4x (BeAll G40001)
    Sentinel DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG R01)
    Sentinel DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
    Sentinel DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN R02)
    Sentinel DVD+RW 2.4x (SENTINELW01)
    Sentinel DVD+RW 4x (PHILIPS 041)
    Sentinel DVD+RW 4x (SENTINEL W02)
    Sentinel DVD-R 2x (OPTODISCK001)
    Sentinel DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCK001)
    Sentinel DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISCK001)
    Shintaro DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
    Shintaro DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Shintaro DVD-R 8x (CMC MAG. AE1)
    SHT DVD-R 2x (SHT 001)
    SIX DVD-R 4x (MBI 01RG20)
    Six DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
    SK DVD-R 2x (OPTODISCK001)
    SKC DVD-R 1x (SKC Co.,Ltd.)
    Sky DVD+R 4x (POMSA001)
    Sky DVD+R 4x (POMSA0010R.)
    Sky DVD+R 8x (VDSPMSAB001)
    Sky DVD-R 4x (AN31........)
    Sky DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01.)
    Smartbuy DVD+R 16X (PRODISCR04)
    Smartbuy DVD+R 8X (PRODISCR03)
    Smartbuy DVD+R 8X (PRODISCR04)
    SmartDisc DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    SmartDisc DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
    Sonic DVD-R 2x (............)
    Sonic DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN001)
    Sonic DVD-R 4x (MUST001)
    Sonic DVD-R 4x (NANYA-JC001)
    Sonix DVD-R 4x (AN32........)
    Sony DPR47/120 DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    Sony DPW47/120 DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Sony DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    Sony DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Sony DVD+RW (RICOHJPN W01)
    Sony DVD-R 2x (SONY)
    Sony DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
    Sony DVD-R 4x (SONY04D1)
    Sony DVD-R 8x (SONY08D1)
    SpeerData DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
    SpeerData DVD+RW (CMC MAG W01)
    SpeerData DVD+RW (SENTINEL W01)
    SpeerData DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02)
    SpeerData DVD-R 4x (MCI4XG01....)
    Spin-X DVD+R 4x (prodisc r02)
    Spin-X DVD-R 4x (MBI 01 RG20)
    StarLogic DVD-R 1x (PRINCO......)
    Sumvision DVD-R 4x (DVSN........)
    Sunstar DVD-R 1x (.F`.........)
    Sunstar DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01)
    Supermedia DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    Supermedia DVD-R 4x (AN32........)
    SW Technology DVD-R 1x (OPTODISCK001)
    Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000 T01)
    Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 2x (TAIYOYUDEN..)
    Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x Printable Silver (TYG01)
    Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x Printable White (TYG01)
    Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
    Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x Silver (TYG02)
    Target E-gear DVD-R 4X (CMC MAG. AF1)
    Taroko DVD-R 4x (TAROKO-MX4..)
    TDK DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
    TDK DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG.E01)
    TDK DVD+RW 2.4x (MCC.....A01)
    TDK DVD-R 2x (MCC 00RG200)
    TDK DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01....)
    TDK DVD-R 2x (RITEKG04....)
    TDK DVD-R 2x (TDKG02000000)
    TDK DVD-R 4x (TTG01.......)
    TDK DVD-R 4x (TYG01.......)
    TDK DVD-R 4x Scratch-Proof (TTG01)
    TDK DVD-R 8x (TTG02)
    TDK DVD-R 8x (TTH01)
    TDK DVD-RW 2x (TDK502sakuM3)
    TDK DVD-RW 2x Scratch-Proof (TDK502sakuM3)
    Teac DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
    Teac DVD-R 2x (GSC001......)
    Teac DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
    Teon DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG E01)
    Teon DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
    Teon DVD+R 4x (Philips C08)
    Teon DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
    Tevion DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Tevion DVD+R 4x (RITEK...R02)
    That's DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000T02)
    That's DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
    That's Write DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
    That's Write DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    That's Write DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01..)
    That's Write DVD-R 4x (PRINCO......)
    Traxdata DVD+R 2.4x (RITEK R01)
    Traxdata DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Traxdata DVD+R 8x (RITEK R03)
    Traxdata DVD+R DL 2.4X (RITEKD01)
    Traxdata DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
    Traxdata DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03....)
    Traxdata DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04....)
    Traxdata DVD-R 8x (RITEK G05)
    Traxdata DVD-RW 1x (RITEK000V11A)
    TX (Think Xtra) DVD-R 2x (GSC001......)
    Ultra DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
    UL-Tran DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)
    UL-Tran DVD-R 4x (ONIDTECH....)
    Value Disc DVD+R 4X (CMC MAG.F01)
    Value Disc DVD+R 4X (Philips C08)
    Vanguard DVD-R 4x (VANGUARD....)
    Verbatim DataLife DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
    Verbatim DataLife DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Verbatim DataLife DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG. AF1)
    Verbatim DataLife DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG.AF01)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 12x (MCC.....003)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 4x (MCC.....002)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 4x Pastel (YUDEN000-T01-000)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x (MCC.....003)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x Advanced AZO (MCC.....003)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x Printable (MCC 003)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+RW 2.4x (MCC.....A01)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x (TYG01.......)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 8x Advanced AZO (MCC02RG20)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-RW 1x (MCC 00RW11N9)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-RW 2x (MCC 01RW11n9)
    Verbatim DataLifePlus SERL DVD+RW 4x (MKM A02)
    Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
    Verbatim DVD+R 2.4x (MCC 001)
    Verbatim DVD+R 4x (MCC 002)
    Verbatim DVD+R 4x Digital Movie (MCC 002)
    Verbatim DVD+RW 4x (MKM A02)
    Verbatim DVD-R (CMC MAG.)
    Verbatim DVD-R 2x (MCC00RG20)
    Verbatim DVD-R 4x (MCC01RG20)
    Verbatim DVD-R 8x Photo Printable (MCC 02RG20)
    Verbatim DVD-R Scratch-Resistent (CMC MAG.)
    Verbatim DVD-RW 2x (MCC 01RW11n9)
    Verbatim DVD-RW 2x (MCC01RW11)
    Verbatim DVD-RW 4x (MCC 01RW4X)
    Vertex DVD-R 4x (AML.........)
    Vivastar DVD-R 1x (VIVASTAR....)
    White Label DVD-R 1x (PRINCO......)
    Xtreme DVD-R 4x (............)
    Xtreme DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
    Xtreme DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 009.)
  2. fishbulb

    fishbulb Regular member

    Nov 9, 2004
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    wow, great list dogbomb! but i have some memorex dvd+RW 4x and they say infodisc. i guess that might as well say CMC, huh?
  3. J_man

    J_man Regular member

    Dec 25, 2004
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    Nice searching DogBomb,

    Here one more for the list:
    Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 16x Advanced AZO (MCC.....004)
  4. Nephilim

    Nephilim Moderator Staff Member

    Feb 13, 2003
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    Nice list indeed. I believe I'll sticky it.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2005
  5. tdo123

    tdo123 Member

    Dec 7, 2004
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    Thanks for the list. How do you determine which are good or bad to buy?
  6. BIGTOXY69

    BIGTOXY69 Regular member

    Jul 16, 2004
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    One many thanks Dogbomb - any Idea how current the code listing is. Not ungreatfull just curious? As a partial answer to TDO123 there are several ways to determine which media is good to use . One is you can check the manual that came with your dvd burner if it has one and perhaps it will give you a listing of recommended media . You could search online for media that is recommended for your model/brand of burner, visit the dvd burner manufacturers website they should have something there or if not maybe their customer service dept. could recommend some media type/and brands for your purpose. Most branded -ie; name brancd media is very good . The thing is most dvd burners are set at the factory for several brands/types of media this programing is part of what is called -Firmware . It does'nt mean that other brands of media that are not listed in the firmware are bad they just may not burn at the rated speed in that particular burner. Example - I have a NEC- 2500A I hasd bought 100 Philips 8X dvd-r disc they burned well in the NEC-2500A but only at 4X I also bought a NEC-3500BLK and the Philips 8 X-DVD-R's burned @ 8x with no problems . see what I mean? Anyway I hope I gave you a general idea but if you want some specifics here goes - Taiyo yuden media is rated highly by just about everyone so that's a good choice. Verbatims Are also well thought of as well. Fuji brand media is excellent if you get the japanese made ones because the are (TAIYO YUDEN ) it will say made in japan near the UPC/BARCODE . Riteks are good from what I've read but you must stick with Riteks that are BRANDED -RITEK/RIDATA - word to the wise if your buying media online & you have'nt used that kind yet get a sample first or buy the minimum quantity you can! then you don't get stuck a load of frisbee's if they are'nt good. Above all else Read there are lot's of post on afterdawn.com concerning different brands /types of media & dvd Burners so some of them may help you and if all else fails ask questions - everyone I've met here (in the online sense) has been everso helpful to me more times then I could count! I give continued thanks to all of them ! Nephilim,SCuba Pete, Catfreak, Dogbomb -These fine gentleman are but a few of the Gold bars in this brain trust! No one will make you feel stupid or think your dumb . I mean no disrespect to those who i've not named specifically as I said thanx to you all . Sorry to run off at the keyboard ! Anyways TD0 123 I hope this answwered your question somewhat and if I can be of further assistance (within the scope of my limmited knowledge-Very limmited -lol) let me know - Thanx peace & happy burning to all -Peace
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2005
  7. kinza

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    Jul 22, 2004
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  8. DogBomb

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    Jun 18, 2003
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    All I did was copy and paste, so credit goes to the guy who compiled the list. ;) It's not a complete list nor should you rely on it 100% because there are occasions where you will have a few manufacturer IDs for the same brand and speed (i.e., Ridata 4X with RICOHJPN & RITEK03). The best place to double check is : http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia
    As for best codes, I prefer RICOHJPN. My great burns with Fuji, Ridata, TDK and even earlier Memorex were with media that identified as RICOHJPN. Going by the kprobe and PI/PO error tests, Taiyo Yudens have almost flawless burns with MCC and RICOHJPN both coming up with very good results. Check here for your media if you don't believe me: http://forum.cdfreaks.com/forumdisplay.php?f=76
    It's not that important that I have totally flawless burns for movies, so buying Ridata instead of more expensive Verbatim and TYs is fine with me. BTW, I bought some Memorex with Infodisc labels. I've heard they are crap, but they are burning for me at least. :)
  9. BIGTOXY69

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    Jul 16, 2004
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    Once again dogbomb Thanx a bunch - You said it eloquently I will say it in the Evalynne woodhead speed reading course version It's what works for you ! everyone has different computers burners and requirments so what works for you may not work for me or others & vice versa that you knew already .Good luck & good burning we out'ah here peace!
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2005
  10. ghostluv

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    Dec 4, 2004
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    this is really amazing dogbomb atleast you are the one that find it and lay it out here for us...

    now like tdo 123 said, how can you tell which one are good or bad medias.
  11. vurbal

    vurbal Administrator Staff Member

    Nov 30, 2002
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    Nice list! Thanks DogBomb!
  12. kinza

    kinza Regular member

    Jul 22, 2004
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  13. RoseMill

    RoseMill Guest

    Dogbomb!!! SumVision have 2 types of different disks.

    1. The one you put on your list.

    2. There is a DVD-8x RITEKGO5 as well!!!

  14. madgreek

    madgreek Guest

    One thing you might want to add. Compusa's disk are aml 001. Just an FYI.
  15. McDanish

    McDanish Member

    Mar 22, 2005
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    Princo.... Just the word starts people wanna flame me I can sense. What IS it with Princo? I have burned 500+ of the nice white logo-printed Princo DVDs on 4 different burners, Philips, NEC, BENQ, and, make that 5, 2 different LG burners. Only coasters I have produced are when that "#¤% XP crashes when I can't keep from working on the computer while burning ;=) So I guess I must be lucky.....
  16. fancymojo

    fancymojo Guest

    wait about 6mo. to a year and see if they still work
  17. akitchens

    akitchens Guest

    Anyone have any good things to say about Hp invent dvd + r 8x media? I just got some 50 packs from staples for $18.00 each. Never tried them before but the disc seems to be very thick and made well. Quality is good, but I have had problems with some friends freezing on some different type of media such as the verbatim, verbatim data life plus. I persoanally have no freezing but different players have shown to work differently. Anyone with info about this? Your info will be greatly appreciated !
  18. vervex

    vervex Regular member

    Apr 3, 2005
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    Ridisc DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
    Memorex DVD+RW 4x (PHILIPS 041)
  19. plutonash

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    Apr 21, 2005
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    "I have a NEC- 2500A I hasd bought 100 Philips 8X dvd-r disc they burned well in the NEC-2500A but only at 4X I also bought a NEC-3500BLK and the Philips 8 X-DVD-R's burned @ 8x with no problems ."

    The NEC 2500A doesnt write at 8x for the -R format (yeah i got and I feel like they falsely advertised it). You could throw and 8x -R disc at it and it would still write at 4x. But you can flash it to be a DL burner like I did so it evens out.
  20. Alien13

    Alien13 Guest

    Hey i bought some Laser DVD-R 4x and used nero to see the disk info and it said the manufacturer was SKC Co.,Ltd is this a good brand because i live in australia and i can get sony, shintaro, benq, verbatim, laser and mediacache where i live. Im testing diff ones to see what they're like. Are these good?

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