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No Man's Sky And Ark Survival Evolved

Discussion in 'PS4' started by mega123, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. mega123

    mega123 Regular member

    Jan 25, 2006
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    I was wandering if people could give me advice on what to purchase between these two games. From many hours of research, I just can't decide.

    Both games are of survival, lots of mining for minerals and resources, large scale open worlds.

    No Mans Sky:

    1. What I've watched, seems to be 90% collecting resources/selling/buying and 10% of actual combat.
    2. Enemies only include Senntinals (robots that gaurd that planet) and from what I've seen only 3 types; dog, floating robot, tall walkers. So no variety at all.
    3. Side quests seem to be VERY simple fetch like.
    4. Possibility of the worlds becoming bland over time (open space and nothing to do)
    5. All weapons seem to fire the same way, no shot guns, rocket launchers etc. Just laser like pistols.
    6. No multiplayer or PVP

    1. I love the idea of resource management,
    2. The 10% of combat from what I've seen
    3. Collecting resources
    4. Very cheap
    5. Future updates
    5. Space combat doesn't interest but like it's there

    Ark Survival

    1. 720p on normal Ps4 (if convinced/any good would purchase Pro)
    2. Frame rate drops
    3. Glitches galore (are they rare? or common?)
    4. Screen tear
    5. Zero quests/really no story
    6. Only way to get by in PVP is to hit the mic and make friends apparently
    7. Pricey and season pass needed eventually I guess

    1. Resource management, collecting resources
    2. Building bases
    3. Variety of weapons
    4. Variety of enemies
    5. Taming beats (many of them)
    6. Realistic PVP elements (prison capturing, raiding, looting, etc)
    7. Nice open worlds
    8. Coop/Multiplayer

    So you can see why I am stuck. Can someone correct me or convince me maybe? Which is better?
  2. Eisherz

    Eisherz Active member

    Nov 28, 2006
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    I haven't played Arc, but I have started playing No Man's Sky, played it for 10 hours or so, because I thought that after all this hype this game had to get better at some point. It was the most boring thing I ever played. The planets I visited all looked alike (mostly empty wasteland), the animals on these planets all looked alike (all six species), and the plants, well, you might have guessed it, all looked alike. Oh, and to your Cons point 3: Those weren't the side quests. Those were mandatory main quests. Normally goes like "Welcome to planet a. To leave it again, you need b ammount of c resource and d ammount of e resource. The locations are marked on your map. Go fetch."
    You have no real physics engine (there are giant rocks of resources you can collect, if you collect the lower part of the rock the upper part keeps floating in the air), the sentinels normally aren't enemies, if you don't attack them they simply ignore you, but there normally is one hostile species on each planet and fighting them (which you can't avoid) is an absolute pain in the a.. because of the targeting system and absolutely useless as you gain nothing from these fights. They keep respawning, so you can't even clean an area. The resource management is absolutely basic. The very basic story of the game is stupid right from the beginning. You start on an uninhabited planet with a toxic atmosphere after your ship crashed. You collect resources to repair your ship (boring). At that point you don't have interstellar capacities, your ship is only interplanetary. The other planets in the system are uninhabited aswell, except for an alien station on one of the other planets, "inhabited" by a robot. So how did you get into this system in the first place?

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