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No Sound on ripped DVD

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by benthered, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. benthered

    benthered Member

    Dec 2, 2004
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    Hi, Ive seached and lots of posts say no sound, but none have answers to the problem Im having...

    I rip a DVD using smartripper or dvddcrypter - it makes the VOBS,IFO files ok. When I open DVD2AVI and preview it the video plays fine but no sound. It says audio is DD 2/0 192 for track 1. If I then save the project it doesn't create an avi or wav file, so when I use TMPGEnc it finds the video file but not the audio.
    Ive also tried ripping to ISO files instead of VOBs but still no audio. Where is the audio?
    If DVD2AVI can recognize the audio track does that mean the problem was with smartripper not encoding the audio, or dvd2avi not finding it? help!

    In deperation I tried an evaluation version of DVD2PPC 'one stop shop' encoder, and although it encodes to nasty media player format, it did at least have sound - so Im confused why this can get the sound but smartripper dvd2avi cant.

    The sound is fine when i play the dvd disk using windvd.

    Hope you can help!
  2. dvd6k

    dvd6k Guest

    In dvd2avi, do you have audio output disabled? Set audio output to wav. I'm pretty sure dvd2avi won't play sound when it previews the video. Here is a good guide for ripping to divx (on afterdawn).


    good luck... i'll be watching the thread if you have any questions... let me know how it turns out

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