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"Not a Valid PS2 Game" Swap Magic Error

Discussion in 'PS2 - Hardware boot discussion' started by Momo_TLe, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Momo_TLe

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    EDIT: Solved my problem, which was incorrect blocking of the PS2 Slim sensors. The third tool that comes with the Magic Switch Pro is pretty much useless at blocking the third sensor. I had to open up the PS2 and block it myself with tape and then that solved my problem. My PS2 was able to spin and read discs while the lid was open, which bypasses the "Insert bigger TOC disc" message and the "Not a Valid PS2 Game" error altogether. If anyone else is getting this annoying error, check out this great YouTube video to learn how to block the three sensors properly (I do not advise anyone to purchase the Magic Switch keys, as they are useless and unnecessary) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr9kpn7nxh0&NR=1.

    I know there are a lot of Swap Magic threads all over the internet (I've read and tried sooooo many different things that were described) but I still can't get mine to work... The error that keeps showing up for me is "Not a Valid PS2 Game" whenever I insert my backup PS2 game in.

    Perhaps I'm burning my games incorrectly? I'll describe the exact procedure and maybe someone can point out what's wrong.

    I'm using DVD Decrypter to Read my original Kingdom Hearts II game (Mode >> ISO >> Read). When it's finished, there are two files created, a 3.69GB .iso file and a 4.22KB .mds file. I understand that the .mds file is used for burning games that are so large that there are two .iso files (in the case of Kingdom Hearts II, there is only one .iso file). So, I proceed to Write the .iso file (Mode >> ISO >> Write) using a TDK DVD-R disc on 2x speed (have also tried many other speeds). It burns successfully and is verified.

    Then I turn on my PS2 (Slim, SCPH-70012 with the 3 Magic Switch Pro tools installed) with the SwapMagic DVD (yes, the DVD version; I've also tried the CD version just to see if it would work, but no go either) inside and when the screen shows "Load Program" and "Video Mode: Normal" I open up the disc top (at which point "Insert bigger TOC disc" shows up across the screen). After I insert my Kingdom Hearts II backup in there and close the top, the words "Not a valid PS2 game" shows up under "Video Mode: Normal" in blue.

    I've tried and burned many, many times with different speeds, but the error keeps showing up... I've also downloaded and burned the DVDLoader.iso and tried that, but that gives me the same error (the CDLoader as well). I also read somewhere that the "TOC" may not be big enough, in which case you have to add dummy files to the .iso to completely fill the up the DVD, but many people have burned games successfully without having to do all that. Perhaps I installed the Magic Switch tools incorrectly? Though I highly doubt that's the case, as I followed the exact instructions on the official website. However, I have seen YouTube videos of SwapMagic demonstrations where the person loads up the SwapMagic DVD while the disc top is open and the disc still spins... My PS2 won't spin the disc unless the top is closed.

    So, I've done everything that I could think of and I'm getting really frustrated after trying for several days now to get my new SwapMagic to work, really looking forward to playing my Japanese games... Can anyone please point me in the right direction and help me solve my problem? Thanks so much in advance for your time and consideration.
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  2. Tek_now

    Tek_now Guest

    Good work!

    How has your compatibility and overall experience with swap magic been? Are all of your backups working? Please give me your details.

    I am learning how to have the best and easiest compatible and capable system to replay PS2 and PS1 CD and DVD backups.

    Thank you so much!

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