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Not your average BIN/CUE problem/question

Discussion in 'Windows - P2P software' started by psrg, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. psrg

    psrg Guest

    Alright I have a few movies in bin/cue format, and for some reason it keeps saying the file name is invalid for all the movies, and it wont let me play it. I can play regular format mpeg, avi, qt, etc.

    Another problem is downloading anything off the internet....whenever I click a link to download something, or right clock save target as, its always html format, or some really small small file and not the actual program. Does someone think I have a virus????

    By the way I tried playing the movies in NERO showtime, VLC media, and magic ISO.....so im stuck, and this problem just occured in the past 2 days......is there any way to restore my computer, but keep some specific files?? Maybe that would solve my problems. Any help is appreciated, thanks!!!
  2. psrg

    psrg Guest


    The reason I posted in here is because you guys deal with bin cue files, and I am also just having problems downloading....so hopefully someone else experiences this aswell

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