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Discussion in 'PS2 - DVD backup discussion' started by xtcdragon, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. xtcdragon

    xtcdragon Guest

    Hi, i'm not new to this dvd backup scene but i jus have some really frustrating problems that has costed me a bunch of blank dvd's. I have successfully made a lot of back ups of my games but when it comes to ISO or NRG format, my backups won't work.

    I usually burn my backup upped images with alcohol under the ps2 option, and then it burns under the write method "RAW DAO", but with NRG and ISO files, there is no ps2 option to choose from and there is only 1 writing method "DVD DAO". When i burn ISO and NRG files, it doesnt boot on my magic V ps2. This is a really frustrating problem, i hope someone can help me. Thanks.
  2. zak_81

    zak_81 Guest

    Do you have Nero? If you don't you should get that. Then at the top click on Recorder then click Burn Image. Just locate the .nrg or .iso file click open and burn it. You can also you DVD Decryptor, which is free unlike Nero, to burn .iso files. You need Nero for the .nrg files though. Hope this helps.

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