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off topic question but i need to know (about ebay)

Discussion in 'PS2' started by account, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. account

    account Guest

    if i was going to bid on something that was at $15 and it says that ebay will bid up to my maximum what does that mean? does it mean that if i put $500 on the $15 item if anyone else wanted it they would have to bid more that $500 and if no one did would i have to pay $15 or $500? im not too sure and im a little confused?

    and sorry about the off topic question

    thanks in advance for the help
  2. convolute

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    Dec 6, 2003
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    I assume you mean a proxy bid.

    Basically, if the item is listed currently at $15. You put in a proxy bid of $500. That means everytime someone else tries to outbid you, as long as it is under the $500 limit you set, ebay will automatically place the bid at the lowest possible bid increase.
    IE: If someone tries to overbid you at $20.00, your bid would automatically become $21.00. Even if someone bids $499.99, your bid would automatically take effect at $500.00.

    So basically, your proxy bid is to set yourself a limit to how much you are willing to spend on the item.
  3. account

    account Guest

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