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official leaked Sony PSP unbricker - magic memory stick

Discussion in 'Sony PSP - Mod and firmware discussion' started by tomino, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. tomino

    tomino Guest

    Apparently, a person sent a bricked PSP to Sony. The PSP was returned with a memory stick inside with the following files:

    * Binary encrypted full NAND image.
    * Required modules for system control for use by IPL of debug hardware.
    * Logging module for debug log review (log is saved after full write).
    * A file used for testing that the system plays well (usually a demo of a PSP game).

    According to nicodemus82, the said memory stick is useless without a special battery that internet hamsters dubbed the "Sony JigKick" (After researching a bit, we found that the jigkick is actually a "special" move that targets a certain place). Reportedly, the battery accesses the third battery pin that "enables writing to the IPL from the memory stick". Here are the JigKick's specs:

    * 1.1v-3.5v debug unit for connecting through the serial port in 3rd. battery pin.
    * Transmission of data is UNENCRYPTED but uses a XOR algorithm for transmission (easily parsed and analyzed).
    * Contains any number of IPLs (different ones for each motherboard revision (TA-XXX))
    * IPL is loaded into the Kernel Memory. ME area seems most likely (IPL of the PSP is the same but missing 2 essential modules that the debug unit has).
    * Contains ipl_mg_modules.bin and ipl_mg_nanddriver.bin
    * IPL is encrypted in 3 stages. Easily decrypted to show stages, but not for decrypt each individual stage.
    * Contains a 40x120 column TFT screen for display.
    * Has a SERIAL port for PC connectivity.
    * Seems to have a 32MB ROM IMAGE on Flash.
    * 8MB of RAM.
    * Nickel-Cadmium Battery Cell (possibly 76 hour battery life).
    * AC/DC adapter port 15V.
    * Contains 4 buttons (on/off, reset, connect/disconnect, menu).
    * Arrow keys UP and DOWN for menu
  2. copdogz

    copdogz Guest

    this sounds fakey.
  3. iBlood

    iBlood Member

    Mar 11, 2007
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  4. mrmcman

    mrmcman Guest

    already a forum on this topic on this website...
    anyway, it sounds pretty good, but i seriously doubt it. they use their special usb cable with direct flash acess for unbricking. this is probably fake.
  5. Hacker06

    Hacker06 Guest

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