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Old Dad needs car stereo advice

Discussion in 'General mobile discussion' started by Wyattspop, Jul 2, 2021.

  1. Wyattspop

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    Jul 6, 2009
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    Hey Guys,
    So I was once young and installed my own Blaupunkt, EQ and bass cannon, but with 10 blown discs those days are gone, I have to pay for the labor, what I need from you young guns is to tell me what to buy please? My Dodge Magnum V8 Hemi has no way to connect my iPod, it's just a friggin radio (lame for a $40K car in '06). It does have one good thing, Boston's all the way around, but the receiver doesn't have the power to push them, so I need a more powerful receiver and one that plays iPods please. I am on a budget, but not cheapie. Please tell me what kind of receiver and if I need an EQ or bass cannon for louder music. Thanks All

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