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Older version of V12 ps2

Discussion in 'PS2 - Software boot discussion' started by cracklee, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. cracklee

    cracklee Guest

    I'm needing help about the no hole gap in the ps2 for tool C i have magic keys 2 and i really need help thanx for your time
  2. Z3120

    Z3120 Regular member

    Jan 8, 2007
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    Are you using the proper key? Although it really shouldn't matter. There are two different kinds of key Cs. The thin one for the silver slim PS2s and the fat one that snugly fits into that hole you see on the black PS2. Check here. What exactly are you having trouble on?
  3. cracklee

    cracklee Guest

    never mind i find a way

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