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On the Fly

Discussion in 'PS2' started by Mudvayne, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Mudvayne

    Mudvayne Guest

    I have the newest version of Nero, and I was wondering if it was better to copy On the Fly, or not. Thanks!
  2. Annihilon

    Annihilon Guest

    Copying anything on the fly is always more dangerous than creating an image first then burning it, mainly because you have two devices that can cause a failure instead of just one. There shouldn't be any problems these days with the invention of burnproof though.
  3. AND1

    AND1 Guest

    Try this method...

    1. Open up RecordNow Max and click on "Drive" at the top screen next to "File"

    2. Then click on "Build Global-Image"

    3. When the screen pops up select the drive your ps2 game is in.

    4. Then at the bottom select a folder you wish to save the image in.

    5. Then click on the "Build" button and wait until it finishes.

    6. After it's done, open up RecordNow Max again and click on "Image"

    7. Click on "Add File" and find your saved ps2 game image you just made.

    8. Select speed to 1x and burn. Use Verbatim DVD-R for best results.

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