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Online issues with Slim PsTwo

Discussion in 'PS2' started by -SyN-, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. -SyN-

    -SyN- Guest

    Well I own the new slim pstwo and successfully had no problems with any of my backups at all, no toc refresh or none of that. Smooth play with the swap magic disc by it self, Even games I played on my v-4 board had problems playing works better on the slim ps2.


    I was trying to play a backup I have online and also followed the guide to patch the correct DNAS ID to the iso I created with the ID patcher.

    Once I boot the game up, for instance Mortal Komabt Deception, clicked on play mk online, while trying to connect, the screen just stays there.

    Any thing I did wrong? btw the Slus info is SLUS_208.81 if anyone asks me for it to help.

    I have accessed the internet on my ps2 with no problems using the start up disc that came with my ps2 using my cable modem and ethernet connection.

    I wasted 2 dvd-rs on trying to correct whatever method needs to be corrected.

    If anyone is willing to help, I will apreciate it greatly.

  2. jromb

    jromb Member

    Nov 23, 2004
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    I have had the same problem...Just keep playing online with the original.
  3. -SyN-

    -SyN- Guest

    Issue Solved!

    DVDRick from ps2ownz has the answer!

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