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Optical drives not shown

Discussion in 'DVD±R for advanced users' started by lazyone, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. lazyone

    lazyone Member

    Jun 15, 2007
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    Compaq desktop pc.
    My 2 optical drives used to work fine.
    Then I had a crash and had to reinstall Windoz XP.
    This was a temp install using my son's copy of XP.
    Optical drives worked fine.
    I don't want to use his XP, unless I have to.

    Then Compaq shipped XP to me, I reinstalled.
    This was no a reformat and install type of install.
    Stripped a lot of commercial junk out of it.
    Both optical drives were not fully recognized.
    I can see them in bios.
    No show in My Computer.
    No show in Windoz Explorer.
    Yellow ? in Device Mgr.
    - Scan of new hw - no change.
    - Reinstall drivers - no change.
    Control Panel - Add Hardware - get msg for both optical drives:
    - "Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware,
    - but cannot find the hardware device (Code 41)
    Prabably need to reinstall the Compaq XP and
    be more careful about stripping out the junk.
    What do you think??

    Tested with Linux live CDs.
    I'm not expert with Linux yet.
    I have 3-4 more projects to convert to Linux,
    then I'll be free of Windoz. Hallaluya!!
    This old dawg is still learning.
    Rebooted with Knoppix CD.
    Optical drives are there and one is working the live CD.
    Rebooted with Linux Mint CD.
    Same as with Knoppix. Looks good.

    So it seems the issue is with Windoz, not the hardware.
    What to do?
    Appreciate your suggestions.
  2. david66

    david66 Regular member

    Apr 17, 2004
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    the junk is not the problem. i would try a reinstall again if that fails use your sons XP disc
  3. cygnus_09

    cygnus_09 Member

    Oct 2, 2004
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    Exact same problem here. and it has happened about three times to me in the last year and a half. I'll go to burn a cd or something, and then it just popps up "error". After a re-boot of the system, I have lost both of my optical drives. This is maddening to say the least. Absolutly ZERO support from LG either by phone, or web, and microsoft wasnt to charge me $60 U.S. .I don't have the luxury of having another HD or O/S. Is there ANY WAY to get my drives up and running again WITHOUT re-formatting the HD and starting all over from scratch again? I would just insert the XP disc....if it would read that the drives were there...

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