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Out of Sync Subtitles

Discussion in 'Convert DVD to another format' started by gorillaz, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. gorillaz

    gorillaz Guest


    I'm using VirtualDub 1.4.9(13720) with VOBSub 2.12. I have downloaded subtitles for a movie since my girlfriend doesn't follow enlish audio so good (Luckily i've worked in the U.K for 2 yrs).

    I've come to the conclusion that it's less hassle to add subtitles than to make her learn listening to normal english speech :)

    The subtitles are played with correct timing in all the players i use using the VOBSub plugin.

    However when i'm to add the subtitles permanently with VirtualDub the subtitles appear out of sync (I have no TV out on my lappie so i need to create a VCD with subs)

    I use the TextSub 2.12 plugin with VirtualDub since the OK box is ghosted if I try to use the VOBSub 2.12 plugin no matter what kinda config options i choose. Also the dropdown combobox is empty.

    Am I to use the TextSub plug or the VOBsub plug ? i have a single .sub file. I've also tried to resync the sub file using SubResyng to 23.976 fps (same rate as movie) but then again if the sub file was incorrect how come that MediaPlayer and PowerDivX play's the movie with subtitles just fine ?

    What I do in VirtualDub is simply opening the Avi file and click on Filter/Add/TextSub and pick the correct file. If i then press F5 for preview it's out of sync. I've also tried saving the new file to check if this problem only occured during playback.

    Or is it simply that TextSub is not the plugin to use ? If so why can't I press the OK button using the VOBSub plugin when I add the .sub file in the plugin GUI ?

    the sub file is in the following format:

    {integer}{integer}Text (newline for new entry)

    {791}{854}Are you sure youdon't wanna go to my room? No. Why?
    {857}{920}My roommate'salready moved out.We'll be all alone.

  2. dRD

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    Jun 10, 1999
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    Problem is that there are appx. 12 different subtitle formats and at least two of them have .sub extension. Another one is the one that VobSub uses -- files are normally anything between 1MB - 15MB in size. Another one, if I remember correctly, is MicroDVD's .sub format which is in text format.

    Best bet what to do:

    Change the format to SSA -- go to Digital-Digest's software section to get the tools -- and use plugin called subtitler by Avery Lee (the creator of VirtualDub -- you can d/l it from his website) which recognizes SSA files. And if the text is still out of sync, look at tools at DDigest to fix the sync issue.

    ...thank God both of us, me and my partner, have lived long enough in English speaking country. Getting Finnish subs for movies would be a slight problem as they're not really mainstream stuff :)

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